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  • 11 Kasım 2014, Salı 13:48

Army SSI Borrower

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Army Social Security Institution (SGK) , the number of employers liability insurance and Bag-Kur is growing with each passing day.

Ordu news: Accordingly, the Army across the province 37 thousand 327 people SSI 340 million debtor appeared to be . Photo CHP Army Deputy Idris Stars responsive to the question being asked of Labour and Social Security Minister Faruk Celik , the general Ordu 4/1 to (SSI), covered approximately 177 million 15 thousand 537 people , 4/1B ( Bag-Kur) covered approximately 164 million 21 thousand 790 people £ SSI has announced that it is owed ​​. A total of 37 thousand 327 people to 340 million 684 thousand £ SSI Steel Minister explaining that the debt due to the social security debts between the years 2002 to 2013 11 noted that the legal process started about a thousand 765 people .
Minister of Steel, as of July 15, 2014 5510 Social Insurance and General Health Insurance Law 60/g and a partial term of 60/g scope and General Health Insurance for ( GSS), the number of people who will pay them is 60 thousand 499, if the sum of their debt 82 he stressed that finds million TL.
Minister of Steel, Army, Coast Guard Taken together, these results from the business world to 340 million , as part of the GSS noted that a total of £ 422 million , including 82 million in receivables .

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  • Army SSI Ratings Army SSI Ratings 731 thousand 452 inhabitants , 129 thousand 443 people in the Army while working within the scope of social security , the pension is 105 thousand 428 people .
  • I wish the Army , SSI has left a black wreath I wish the Army , SSI has left a black wreath Army KESKE platform unions , Soma related to the mining disaster response to indicate the Social Security Institution (SGK ) Provincial Directorate of Army left a black wreath .
  • Sgk Week Sgk Week Social Security Institution (SGK ) in Malatya Ayten Crabby Land , \"Social Security , our premium collection rate is 90 percent ,\"he said .
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