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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 09 Kasım 2014, Pazar 22:34

Arrived in front of the nearby police custody Safety

Arrived in front of the nearby police custody Safety
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Kocaeli-based listening launched detained in illegal operations 11 relatives of police officers gathered in front of Istanbul Police Headquarters.

Kocaeli news: Photo Istanbul Chief Prosecutor's Office by order of Kocaeli with 8 provinces had begun the previous day'illegal listening operations'within the detained 11 in the close of the evening the police officer gave support to those in custody came into Istanbul Police Department. police officer in the Photo Detention near Mustafa Akpinar, \"I was taken to my brother in custody. we are sorry but we give an account exists wants our state . this state is not a traitor , I love this state, we love our nation ,\"he said . Photo taken into custody by police officers lawyer Hüseyin the chimney-sweep leads , \"We want to specify that made , there was no way that crime and criminal elements during the search. My client's computer and digital materials were confiscated . clients we are here to reward for what they did in the best shape of their duties, they serve our nation, homeland and date are recorded in this situation, \"he said. Photo civilian investigators in accordance with the report , allegedly made ​​illegal listening in Kocaeli between 2010-2014, and 11 were taken into custody by the police operation carried out was brought to the Police Department and learned that the statement-taking process began . The police statements taken after the removal of the Istanbul Courthouse tomorrow morning health checks planned, if the elongation process of expression , police learned that delayed delivery of the courthouse.

Arrived in front of the nearby police custody Safety" comments for.


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