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  • 02 Ekim 2014, Perşembe 01:50

Arsenal-Galatasaray match, then

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Galatasaray, the UEFA Champions League was defeated 4-1 away to Arsenal .

Londra news: Match held after the press conference yellow-red team coach Cesare Prandelli priorities Spor Toto Super League , he said .
Italian coach, the fight hours before Selcuk Inan's squad why removed questions about on \"Itsy Bitsy troubles had . fired , the status of one or two days we followed . too tired, we saw that and not want to risk , \"he said .
against Arsenal in the first half a poor performance are revealed Prandelli ,\"From the beginning, some make choices we had . this responsibility on me . My players I say trying to do . second half knowing they approach playing I chose . Melon , in many positions with a rival birebir stayed at . footballers a little calmer , a little more relaxed , \"he said.
Italian coach, exactly the position errors in what they do , explaining that the matches more ready and should play more aggressively , he said. Prandelli , Galatasaray worked to establish the system related to a question , \"do not believe we need to . My system is better need to tell . Everybody participation from waiting. Player How to play that they would have to keep convincing . Very good team we have . Own our character and personality reveal need \"replied .
UEFA Champions League in front of 4 games than that and go just as far as they want to go save the experienced technical man, the priority of the spor Toto Super League is emphasized .
ARSENAL SIDE < br/> Arsenal Manager Arsene Wenger said:\"the game started very well and we enjoyed taking've played . 4-1 after 10 people thick of the game have lost control \"with lyrics assessed.
a Turkish press members before the match Galatasaray game to dominate regarded as a team on a question posed by recalling that , \"before the match will be an encounter you will not know how . quickness in the first part of the match there was some problem for them . Little we have left now Galatasaray found the quality and our goalkeeper in these moments well saved by helped us \"was the answer .
Wenger another member of the press itself Arsenal at the beginning of the 18th anniversary , based on his Fatih Terim for comparison of the smile and said:\"Fatih Terim'i love . Now doing good deeds for the Turkish National Team . With the requirement to make a comparison with Turkey . Now there Prandelli and have great respect for him , \"commented found .

Arsenal-Galatasaray match, then" comments for.


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