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  • 28 Ağustos 2014, Perşembe 11:55

Arsenic on the agenda again

Arsenic on the agenda again
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Attached to the center of the town of Elazig in Yurtbaşı arsenic in drinking-water wells to increase the rate of human health effects of these elements brought up again .

Elazığ news: Attached to the center of the town of Elazig in Yurtbaşı arsenic in drinking-water wells to increase the rate of human health effects of these elements brought up again . Environmental engineer Prof. Dr. Ubeyde Silk , arsenic, drew attention to the harm to human health .
Yurtbaşı arsenic in drinking-water wells in the town to increase the rate of human health effects of these elements brought up again . Firat University lecturer Prof. environmental engineer Dr. Ubeyde Silk , these elements, in some cases cause great harm to human health , he said. Professor Dr. Silk , \"Arsenic problem in our country in different parts of the problem appear as able . These problems, the main source of course geographical structure . Soil structure . Rocks structure and similar activities at work agricultural activities with them drinking water arsenic problems we face can go. Look , we arsenic earth wide distribution of the naturally occurring as an element we know. course, in nature, a small amount of freely little although arsenic is bound rocks minerals and metals by dissolution of these elements or ions to the aquatic environment be passed . Moreover in the various arsenic compounds may be of agricultural protection products in agriculture through the use of arsenic contaminates very easy going \"he said.
toxic arsenic , a toxic element that is pointed out that Dr. Silk , \"I will give the Toxicity or toxic degree of arsenic compounds chemical and physical structure of the received amount of food consumed in the reaction affecting the presence of elements in the age and gender . So age and gender call arsenic water consuming people's age and sex , depending on arsenic toxicity status variability show . arsenic from the body easily can be thrown and health effect less important is of course important as well. however , inorganic arsenic based as less important emerges . inorganic arsenic for the elimination of the subject treatment methods are applied. So in water arsenic If there's a complete water is not available does not mean . you that purify the water after arsenic , after clearing the water people's consumption can give. Both drinking water for use both purposeful these waters arsenic after clearing can consume. several studies over 10 years during periods of arsenic produces individual consumers of health of some negative effects may occur some types of cancer can arise certain types of cancer emergence of 20-year exposure should be , \"he said .
\" ARSENIC SUDAN oUT sUCH is the \"
arsenic-bearing resources necessary to avert water supply underlines Prof. Dr. Silk , speech, said:
\"Drinking water supply department which the monitoring process very well have to keep up . So today, that's your concentration of 7-8 micrograms and 2 months later, this value is a standard value may occur. So that's why you micrograms output if the 10 micrograms rise above mean that will not come. 10 micrograms per liter over the waters of a ban be consumed extremely important. about it really water supply is to be made 10 micrograms per liter over the waters are utilized if then surely purification systems made ​​simple purification system with the arsenic to dissipate is in question. course arsenic when troubleshooting methods we look at the arsenic arsenide's as general as drinking water plus three is worth . We did this water in order to remove arsenic plus five form that arsenate form, turn it into is a must. we convert it after some chemical precipitation processes like this with water removal we is in question. \"

\" WATER WELL aS WATER-USE \"Prof. found in
warning to citizens Dr. Silk , well water as drinking water should not be used as stated, \"If your water of 10 micrograms divided liter is above arsenic contains this water tüketmeme or we use for this water use need to . Course monitor it there in the municipality work maybe other public institutions and other similar institutions to follow is required. I think , this problem Yurtbaşı been seen in . standard on the value found for this case was the subject has come up . this follow-up monitoring is required. our people on this issue to be informed of primary importance that our priority as we can say , \"he said .

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