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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 21 Aralık 2013, Cumartesi 15:29

"Art in Trabzon, Trabzon Art"Panel

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Trabzon Art House"in Trabzon art, Trabzon"held a panel discussion titled.

Trabzon news: Trabzon Art House"in Trabzon art, Trabzon"held a panel discussion titled.
Trabzon Art House panel that was held in Trabzon Mayor Dr. Orhan Fevzi GÜMRÜKÇÜOĞLU, Deputy Mayor Hüseyin Turan, Osman Gökhan Bali, Necip Joy Osman, vice president Kınalı'yı Saifullah, Trabzon Art House Chairman Adnan Crown and art lovers attended. Panel participating as a speaker Photographers Author Mustafa Rashad Sümerkan, Writer Director Tayfun Pirselimoğlu and Author Historian Veysel Masters participants in Trabzon artistic life told.
Panalist of the speech, then from the podium Mayor Dr. Orhan Fevzi GÜMRÜKÇÜOĞLU,"Trabzon Municipality as the city's cultural and artistic life in our endeavor to support, have been trying., As you know, Johann Ihsan Bey Cultural Center Our artistic events serve. Course, our halls, cultural and artistic activities primarily take place as the desire and in this regard economically also try our best to assist you in trying. This city really we are great in we see our city has a culture. But unfortunately, in recent years across the country, as we in this our culture became a village not strive to be, we have the urban culture of protection should cherish. course, this culture, protect and improve in the first silent heroes that art lovers is the duty of. Trabzon city culture of protecting one of the steps earlier in the Central Bank of the Provincial Special Administration's responsibility Tevfik Serdar Cultural Center 24 hours a living 'City Museum' activities as is the realization. This issue also necessary steps throwing Association of Historic Towns and Plumb Foundation in cooperation with our work by making projects we've created. Monuments Board permission from the've received. structure the Fishing Food Foundation managers carry urban sensitivity and acting in a fidelity was his were,"he said.
speech continuation President GÜMRÜKÇÜOĞLU of Trabzon, art and culture the city to make plans to do that by ordering"Long Street is located in the Administrative Court location registered a very nice building we have. It paintings, sculptures and plastic arts museum, I wanted to do. fact that building work in the field, the workshop also the creation want. course, in this regard, our problems metropolitan us to be the relationship to be established by Ortahisar District institutions will be allocated to the building shortage is to live. course resolve this issue we are trying to. Square Park starting from the Museum of the City of whether to continue, which I mentioned Administrative Court's plastic, sculpture, painting museum turned into an arts and cultural otherwise creation arzulamaktayız. Yet now the city museum, the front of the opening Uzunsokak continue without former maternity hospital to the registrant of the building, however, such as a health turned into a museum wanted to see I am. again immediately Tannery Bridge, that historic venue after passing through Ortahisar we enter now Zagnos Bridge, Ortahisar at the transition point of the place that the Ministry of Culture deal with the result of our living in the Literary Museum for it to become a deal. Culture and Tourism of the Ministry that the execution of the will. This Meanwhile it in an area still other registered premises of this approach will be reviewed would like to mention. mention that I have this axle four thousand years of history in our city, as befits a museum adorned with we want to. Meanwhile, Hussein kazas Cultural Center joined us just whilst we are much larger giant convention and cultural center arzulamaktayız to give our city,"he said.
Programme Director Gümrükçüoğlu'na to introduce the speakers ended with a certificate of participation.

"Art in Trabzon, Trabzon Art"Panel" comments for.


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