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  • 11 Kasım 2014, Salı 09:39

Arts,'Business is Now

Arts,'Business is Now
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Kütahya 58 female trainees ,'My Art My Business Now'has completed the 3-month training project scope is .

Kütahya news: Photo Women's illumination they do during the course , miniature, kaatı (paper carving ) , marbling and tile works, Governor Serif Yilmaz and presented to art lovers with the participation of members of protocol . Photo Project , Kütahya is prepared by the Administration and Victory also supported by the development Agency said. speaking at the opening ceremony of the photo Exhibition Governor Serif Yilmaz , \"especially history culture city he mentioned Kütahya elicits perhaps the art direction of our civilization that make up our tradition of painting, miniature , we understand that we language paper carving , marbling , tile tahrirs that is already accumulating both continue ettirilmeli.b area of our art as Kütahya that other particularly'disadvantaged groups'he we call need thanks öğretilmesidir.meslek acquirement our women their own business as well as elsewhere, will provide the opportunity to find a business to sustain its artistic life now I'm working başlatılmasıdır.'sanat Business'our project has ended . we opened our KOSGEB entrepreneurship courses within this period mansion . 40 women participated in these courses. As a result of these courses was also gained the opportunity to receive that grant and the support given by the kosgeb ,'My art now my job'58 female trainees have joined the project . They successfully completed their course. There provinces 400 registered historic building more than including Doğlarl the mansion we found, belonging to a large portion of private property, we do not have too much distress in a registered building belonging to the state , should a large portion of foundations and other institutions and organizations completed most to make their own buildings . Property of our citizens regarding where private parties can not come with opportunities to do so within their budget , \"he said. The documents of Photo trainees Governor was presented by Yilmaz and protocol members . Photo Events Mayor Kamil Saracoglu, Dumlupýnar University Rector Prof. Dr. ahmet Karaaslan, Deputy Governor Ugur Turan and invitees . (EFA)


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