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  • 19 Ağustos 2013, Pazartesi 16:35

Artuklu'da up kontejan

Artuklu'da up kontejan
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Quotas of the University of Mardin Artuklu completely filled all graduate and undergraduate programs.

Rector. Dr. Serdar Bedii Omay, Assessment, Selection and Placement Center (SSPC) 2013 YGS and LYS placement according to the results announced on the website, students showed great interest in every region of Turkey said there Artuklu'da available quota. Artuklu'nun appeals to Turkey as well as the Middle East, despite the establishment of a new occupancy rate approaching a hundred percent success in Turkey with the signing of an important Omay stressed,"In the past year we have graduated from HU 700. However, according to the results of 2013-ÖSYS placement 818 thousand students in the graduate and undergraduate programs within the university has chosen."he said.

the new academic year will begin five thousand 647 graduate and undergraduate students who expressed Omay, master's and doctoral programs that will further increase with the students pay attention to settle he noted. Omay 2 to 6 September on record to determine the dates of registration to the university, said:"Artuklu University research that encourages students qualified, dynamic, effective and functional training programs. YGS and LYS in 2013 as in previous years, according to the results of students completely fill kontenjanlarımızın In recognition of our work, but also the students, the parents see this as a compliment and kind regard. This is our new in a short time as a university academic, social, and a testament to the efforts realized in the fields of infrastructure. university that close and intense interest shown in our mission and obligation to receive in a little more original boosted awareness, involvement, academic and strategic programs, will provide universal and more liberal."

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