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As domestic Anchovy Stock Exchange

As domestic Anchovy Stock Exchange
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1 week before the bench to replace the Black Sea anchovy is sold at different prices from the Army every day.

Ordu news: Photo of the last week of October, replacing the bench with native Black Sea anchovy season has created bumpy prices from £ 15 opening weeks of his stay in the stalls . Season's first local anchovy 15 TL sold, other days, but this figure fell to 5 TL . 7.5 TL with the anchovies 1-2 days of warm weather was $ 10 as of today . Anchovy stating that due to weather conditions until the bumpy 41-year-old fisherman graphic Aydin Kilic, said a week of continuous price has changed anchovies . Stressing that indigenous anchovies imposed on bench a week ago Sword, \"was the Native anchovy bench's go for a week. The first day one safe from anchovies to have sold 15 TL. Other days anchovy dropped plenty when the price of a sudden 5 TL. Decreases from Anchovy again yesterday 7.5 TL was anchovy today $ 10 we sell. However, the weather will be reduced cold quite anchovy and will find the normal price , \"he said .
Indigenous Black Sword stated that at the difference to other fish with the flavor of anchovies, \"The Black Sea has a different place than others in terms of taste of anchovies. the flavor is very convenient water cools anchovies to the Black Sea water anchovy is even greater . We call şebeklen to that oil the anchovies in this process as fishermen. would be great for oily anchovy flavor, citizens in the coming days is delicious anchovy food at cheap prices , \"he said .

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