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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 13 Kasım 2014, Perşembe 13:06

ASD Consultation Meeting Held

ASD Consultation Meeting Held
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Anatolia Disabled Association Besne Branch President Omar Arslan, Lecturers and University Lecturer Bekir millers and Disabled Association of consultation on December 3rd World Disabled Day program with Youth Wing held a meeting.

Adıyaman news: Photo President Omar Armstrong, \"We collected about December 3rd World Disabled programs are going to do in the day. We took their opinions and suggestions of our friends about what we can do in the program. With our new team , we held a consultation with our young are in better social activities in subsequent periods. Good Program our work for the passage continues , \"he said . also Arslan Photo President , \"Ministry Undersecretary , Team and the Ministry of Family and Social Policies in Malatya with Office Manager CFC (European Union and the Republic of Turkey) in order to improve the social integration of the disabled carried out jointly by the Civil Society Coordination between organizations and we attended a dinner regional meeting on improving contact , \"he said . also
lecturer speaking after Arslan and University Lecturer Bakr miller , \"Everyone is a disabled candidate . of course, at this point, closed into itself isolated from the disabled citizens of our fully society people We do not want to see . They also participate in all its activities, to express freely their thoughts and needs to be a single body . We gathered with the idea of ​​what can we do here in December 3rd World Disabled Day . Making trips and social activities of the program except our disabled friends can spend time together . Activities is important here to bring long-term and become a major , \"he said . Photo Youth is in your arms Nahide Özsoy Wish Kilinc, Ozgur Ahmet Tekin, Mehmet Gökkan , Şeyma Lightning, Amal Yetkin, Rezzan Flower, Angel agile, Jacob Honor , Soner the intellectuals and Silk stars have said the biggest obstacle is lovelessness.

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