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  • 12 Kasım 2014, Çarşamba 10:27

Ashura Break from the drivers seat

Ashura Break from the drivers seat
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Bursa Inegol district traffic police drives distributed asure .

Bursa news: Cops control applications to during the drive , the prisoners were brought to trial to the court , 112 ambulance attendants , and offered asure to pedestrians. Photo Inegöl in the Ashura event organized with the Muharram occasion by the Police Department , stopped the vehicle drives in applications and were offered asure the passenger in the vehicle . Inegöl prepared asure 3 thousand people at various points during the practices , were distributed to drivers and passengers. Police Chief Şükrü Kaplan did not neglect to treat asure to drive their own hands. Photo Palace of Justice Police Chief Şükrü participating in the activities held at the Crossroads Kaplan, bulunarak warns drivers to traffic safety with the team , and offered asure .
< strong> fitted a CAUSE of aLL TRAFFIC REGULATIONS , not complied with a price YES Police Chief makes a statement after the
Ashura distribution Sukru Kaplan, \"Our goal with all of our citizens living in Inegöl mutual love, respect and build a sustainable trust communication and our work to make it permanent in all areas continues day and night. Our police provide the peace and security of our citizens , the holy marking the month of Muharram we are in this month's meaning and , pursuant to the importance of the vehicle and was found in the pedestrian our asure treats. Their lives and goods have drawn attention to traffic rules must be followed for safety . one reason for the observance of all traffic laws , there is also a price to be followed , saying, \"celebrates the month of Muharram of the entire county population.


Ashura Break from the drivers seat" comments for.


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