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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 11 Kasım 2014, Salı 12:17

Ashura event in the Mediterranean

Ashura event in the Mediterranean
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The central district of Mersin Mediterranean Municipality, thus Muharram'Ashura event'organized.

Mersin news: Mediterranean Municipalities were given the message of peace and friendship in the event which was also attended the Co-Chair . Photo Mediterranean Council Co-Chairs held an event on the day of ashura is an important tradition in Islam. State Quarter held on ashura distribution , efficiency, Co-Presidents Yuksel Mutlu and Fazil Turkey as well as the Co-Vice Presidents Sebahattin Gençtarih Mobile and Judge Baykara, City Council members Ayse Aydogan , Kamuran Bilen, Sakip Kolanc , the Mujahideen who knows , Mahmoud Donmez, Hasan Tüzün and Hasan Specifically, dignitaries from different faith sector , citizens and residents of the neighborhood attended. Board member Mersin Cemevinin Faith Rejoice in the beginning Erdogan won the event with prayer gülbang Ashura was cooked and served . Mediterranean Council Co-Chairs and Fazil Turk Yuksel Mutlu have participated personally in asure distribution . Happy that all the Islamic month of Muharram Co-Presidents highlighted the importance for the world and Turkey , for Alevis in terms of the commemoration of the martyrs of Karbala and stressed that a separate meaning and significance . Muharram in the mourning at the core of Karbala as the suffering of human values ​​and Co-Chair stated that the purpose of the reminder you need to be a repetition, \"to eat meat , to touch the cutting tool , no not to grind live in , the language of one who rules like to hurt Muharram mourning , the peace of all mankind with this property and is an invitation to friendship. mourning which contains a very deep-rooted sense of this direction , then 12 days of fasting ends with asure tradition. even today, the message contained in the Muharram beliefs are of great importance for humanity. Initially peace persecution taking place all over the world , including the Middle East and friendship of judge contains a call to nature to render . We also boil the boiler Wishing to be dominated by an understanding of the reigns of the peace climate all over the world . once again, this event is our Prophet on the occasion . We yadda Hussein and Karbala martyrs with respect \", they said.

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