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  • 06 Kasım 2014, Perşembe 14:37

Ashura was held in ISMMMO Garden Catering

Ashura was held in ISMMMO Garden Catering
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Sakarya Chamber of Certified Public Accountant ( ISMMMO ) , Muharram thus made ​​to asure citizens served .

Sakarya news: Photo ISMMMO Selatan You Çakırsoy President , members and guests from the garden room made ​​of pudding served with their own hands . President Çakırsoy , in his speech after the catering , \"we are in a month, which constitutes a great meaning in the name of Islam. Muharram God as we know, is the first month of the year on the floor. Hz we polled our Islamic history . Improvement of the Ayyubid's disease , the Prophet. Moses cross the Red Sea Israelites rescue from Pharaoh , the Prophet. the exit from the belly of the fish Jonah the prophet . Jesus'birth and the many miraculous events of mankind's mental boundaries , such as the ascension rescued from death took place this month. us alive while asure distribute our room our members to accompany the culture we organized the event. God , unity and solidarity of our times you sep . I wish the first month of Muharram have no occasion to the entire Islamic world , and our financial advisors friend, \"he said .

Ashura was held in ISMMMO Garden Catering" comments for.


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