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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 11 Kasım 2014, Salı 14:22

Aşigo , 20 hour journey from Europe after the first displacement

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Attended the first Eurochallenge first win at home in the red-siyahlılar Cup in the history of the period of 20 hours after the arduous journey , the second exam tomorrow Russia will face displacement BC Enisey .

Uşak news: Photo reaching urban transport conditions it is very difficult journey away behind a sporty Usak , Turkey will be released tomorrow with the match to win the BC Enisey password clock will start at 14:10 . The team's head coach said in a statement Bulkaz Poets ; \"In the league and the cup We're going to win , and each core separately motivated. We are aware also of the match, spirituality , we will do our best to win ,\"he said .
The team's General Manager fatihh Erdogan , said they encountered-10 degrees after a difficult journey of 20 hours , \"There are 5 hour difference with Turkey. we came here with our chest we carry Month weight and pride of the star . we have players that are problematic outside Orhan . we are ready to all the circumstances ... the Enisey team inside play well and Cup good team guy. we're going here on our first European away match against and win we're here for . we want to return our country and win Visiting Usak \"he said .
November 12, 2014 Meeting will start at 14:10 on Wednesday and will release again Pamukkale match live on TV .

Aşigo , 20 hour journey from Europe after the first displacement" comments for.


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