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  • 11 Ekim 2014, Cumartesi 16:31

Ask a minibus ride was the Citizen's Satisfaction

Ask a minibus ride was the Citizen's Satisfaction
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In Aksaray-one willing to listen to citizens'satisfaction with municipal authorities , public bus ride to the satisfaction of the people asked them personally .

Aksaray news:
in Aksaray extensive research to solve the problem of public transport and fate that works in Aksaray Mayor Haluk Sahin , from time to time on public transport , taking radical decisions to solve problems fairly stable. Vice president of transportation services in the city of Aksaray , Serdar Baydar, is developing new projects in this direction . Aksaraylı the public transport on the expectations and demands to identify the public bus to the vice president Baydar, people's satisfaction and complaint itself asked.
Deputy Mayor Serdar Baydar \"Precision-TOKI \"line inspections made ​​and citizens about problems interviews were also found. Engaged in the negotiations with the bus driver Serdar Baydar individual citizens took note of the requests and complaints . Vice President Baydar, \"We line continuously from the field and electronically controls are introducing . Incoming complaints audit are introducing . Complaint if our municipality 153 White table and 2,161,616 transportation center line you can call . Now today we made arrangements and improvements in the field of our citizens through the eyes're looking at . And moment , we see that these arrangements pitch was reflected positively . past the complaints is not seen . Moreover, this control very tightly at all times to be done. Problems in determining the required application and penalties will be done , \"he said .
in Aksaray a modern public transport aims to provide stating that Baydar, recently late-model vehicles and stops the service to open the work they had begun , public transport services, the shape and even the mindset will change , he added .
Lines on the route currently is no problem stating that citizens in general satisfaction expressed .

Ask a minibus ride was the Citizen's Satisfaction" comments for.


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