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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 27 Kasım 2013, Çarşamba 14:32

Ask the Consul General of the earthquake was

Ask the Consul General of the earthquake was
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Consul General of South Korea Tae dongjeo Düzce Chamber of Commerce visited.

Düzce news: Consul General of South Korea Tae dongjeo Düzce Chamber of Commerce visited. During the visit, President Emeritus of the TSO Düzce
Cakir, Board and Council Members were present. TSO Düzce Honorary President Cakir, is of historical ties between Korea and that there is therefore close attention to the Koreans said. Cakir,"Friendship ties are the strongest Korean state and commercially intertwined are. For this reason, in our province Korean our investors would like to see. Earlier Kia and Hyundai companies in our province want to invest have, for other reasons, these investments renounced were. Especially advanced technology and software sectors in our province Korean investors would like to see. Investor our our province located if they want our best support are willing to give. Our city İSKİ drinking water in the basin due to take place nature to give much importance. Just as the industry is not tourism areas pretentious one of the provinces to come. Middle East and African markets closest to the strategic points of the We are at one. Recent incentives in the law the most advantageous one of the regions are in the position. This advantage also to share with you want. our business, our friendship would like to consolidate,"he said.
Düzce TSO Honorary President Cakir Speaking after the South Korean Consul General in Istanbul Tae dongjeo with Turkey South Korea's historical experiences to bear many similarities in terms said. Jeon,"Turkey 1 after World War II major injuries and Gazi Mustafa Kemal Atatürk led a rapid restructuring is gone. Likewise, South Korea in this war large wounds received but Turkey itself like fast recovery could. Japan's colonial policies and other reasons Korea North and South are divided into two. 1950 the Korean war in our country's great Devastated, the destruction of state and nation hand in hand has always emerged. At this point, the country of Turkey to support that note, we can not. Turkey and is currently $ 5 billion Near a trade volume we have. We volume is very small we find. this volume and to expand bilateral trade channels we want to increase. province's publicity from what I have seen furniture, nuts and agricultural areas are ambitious observed. İstanbul operating in Korean with our companies on these issues in consultation be found. We will also advise them to work Düzce'yl"he said.
Consul General of Tae dongjeo, TSO President Çakir asked the disastrous earthquake in 1999. Cakir and told us what happened in the growing city of Düzce wounds, he said.
At the end of the meeting, President Emeritus of the TSO Düzce Cakir, South Korea Consul General Tae dongjeon table was a gift.

Ask the Consul General of the earthquake was" comments for.


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