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  • 13 Şubat 2013, Çarşamba 09:35

Aslıhan the record, including Turkey The Style Glossy, various publications are parts of the essays.

Aslıhan the record, including Turkey The Style Glossy, various publications are parts of the essays.
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Do you feel yourself ready for Valentine's Day? Here are some recommendations.

Valentine's Day is approaching. Are you ready for this special day? First of all, the most beautiful gift you will give to your sweetie for yourself remember that. This particular night, you should go to the maintenance of your hair nails make you feel special. Here are a few tips to prepare for your love tonight taçlandıracağınız:

first outfit ... select the color you like, and you think it looks best, of course, would like to see your partner on you if you have a color preference or outfit, do not ignore this one. Note that 2013 is the year of color combinations, the color of your clothes and your personality as well as reflecting the color of your relationship. Golden Globe 2013 Halle Berry, Claire Danes, Jessica Alba and many more famous, lively colors candescent clothes. You colorlessness Why should you condemn?

Back to Spanish pant legs made

, such as high heels babetmiş it hides under the pants in this beautiful long legs to show Giselle'inki what do you think? Colorful bell-bottomed pants and high heels pabuçlarınızı aside in advance.

this day, a special choice of hairstyle is waiting for you. is the most preferred models of 2013 to complete the outfit. My advice to you, the day special, you should choose models to show sincere and sexy. Bun, reminiscent of formalized models such as hair collected in a very tight to avoid. Often below the shoulders, released in 2013 we will continue to see the curls, hair or short hair is collected dağınıkça beauty will complement the forehead bangs fall.

clothes, hair, okay. What about the make-up EM? 2013 Golden Globe red carpet photos, check out one more time, you will see the beauty of simplicity is hidden under. Made this a very simple look that attracts the most attention makyajlarda emphasis on beauty. Was taken into custody with a single brushstroke Passed a smooth dark eyeliner pencil make up an integral part of it. Looks like it was worth the long lashes touching the eyebrows also remember that, but I Never have not eyelashes. Accordance with lashes, fuller, and do not forget to choose mascara that long. Did you get curious about the result? See photos of Adele on the red carpet, she kıyamayacaksınız incredible to look at the eyes.

Now you're ready to walk the red carpet spread out in front of your girlfriend's


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Aslıhan the record, including Turkey The Style Glossy, various publications are parts of the essays." comments for.


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