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  • 02 Eylül 2013, Pazartesi 21:21

Assad by threatening his own challenged

Assad by threatening his own challenged
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Assad: Powder keg blows everyone loses control of the situation ...

cruel Assad Middle East in the powder keg likened the intervention etti.Esed a threat of chemical weapons in the America and France to show evidence of either a single challenged.

in an interview with French newspaper Le Figaro simulating the Middle East powder keg Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, today is closer to the fire said. Assad, to be held for only a military intervention in Syria is not an answer to the need to address the situation that will arise after the first intervention.

Syrian leader, after the intervention Sticky Thread situation will occur never know , adding"Powder keg exploded when everyone will lose control of the situation. spread chaos and extremism. regional war, there is a risk." he said.

Referring to France's stance on Syria and Assad,"Any person who satisfies the terrorists, financial and military aid to the enemy of the Syrian people."he said. Assad stated that Syria is not an enemy of the people of France, state policy hostile to the people of Syria , he said.

hostile policy of the Government that the people of Syria the extent that the state would be the enemy of the Syrian leader, France to change its policy in the event that hostilities would end up said.

France and the United States' Sticky Thread chemical weapon used by the forces of the regime should prove Assad stressed America and France challenged to show evidence of a single. Syrian leader, Hollande and Obama to show it Sticky Thread inadequate in point has.

rejects allegations that the regime forces used chemical weapons Syrian president, his troops well located and the forces of the regime of UN observers, including those injured in the identification of the area claimed that such an attack can able to.


Assad by threatening his own challenged" comments for.


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