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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 02 Ekim 2014, Perşembe 10:40

Assembly Meeting was held

Assembly Meeting was held
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Izmit City Council meeting, Mayor of October period , Dr.

Kocaeli news: Nevzat Doğan under the chairmanship was held.
President Dogan, Education, Youth Commission for their work to members of parliament saying thank you , \"the new term council's first agenda item youth addictive bonzai about the commission is established. Turkey yet such a study when there Izmit Municipality of such a work by launching an example for all we have . our city, with young people about the good work was done . Municipality of youth and sports, we attach great importance . 4 units chess have school . olympic swimming our project SEKA within the territory are going to implement . where the world champions will be trained . Speaking Cafe Turkey'also is unique. abroad young people coming here with our young people meet. further to do a lot of work , \"he said .
Izmit Mayor Dogan , 65 years later people travel for free on the subject as well, \"Minibus were right direction that may be , but no justification for a does not justify mistreatment of the elderly .'re bad behavior . such treatment does not suit us . Metropolitan Mayor is very sensitive to this issue . To do about it will produce a solution , \"he said .
İzmit Municipality Assembly on Tuesday, November 4 to November period, the meeting was decided at 15.00 .

Assembly Meeting was held" comments for.


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