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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 05 Mayıs 2014, Pazartesi 11:19

Assembly of the Union of Islamic Countries to Public Employment

Assembly of the Union of Islamic Countries to Public Employment
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Turkey under the leadership of the Islamic countries will be established association of public employment .

İstanbul news:
April 29 to 30 , 2014 Date in Ankara organized and Organization of Islamic Cooperation ( OIC ) member states of the labor market , employment and working with the relevant experience and information sharing in order to be established cooperation mechanisms to discuss the 20 countries and representatives of the International Labour organization (ILO ) and the World Bank as a result of the meeting with the representatives of the leadership of Turkey issued a statement of the Union of Islamic countries in the establishment of public employment was decided.
IŞKUR General Manager Dr . Nusret printer , the paper made ​​a statement about the decision . Among the decisions that the OIC under the umbrella cooperation between countries to provide a platform for the creation of the agenda who come to the printer \"in manifest among Islamic countries public employment agencies establishment of the Union was agreed. Countries between relevant institutions experience, knowledge and sharing of best practices through better employment policies and skilled labor cultivating , expert exchange, capacity building programs, training programs, joint projects and study visits between member countries of cooperation, trust , transparency and optimal synergy will be established . Moreover SESRIC's , will be formed of the union secretariat execution , promotional and informational activities to undertake and also e-mail group/social media groups and establishing communication was requested . participants of the member states OIC-pesnet will contribute to institution/organization identified contacts of the Secretariat reported to the proposed \"he said.
participants ; OIC-PESNET the context of a web portal, establishing shares needing to provide an expression that printer , said:\"Participants work placement , active employment policies , passive employment policy , labor market information services, and consulting services related to individual experts identified a specialized database creation demanded . Member countries established associations actively support and knowledge sharing contribute to the proposed. SESRIC's available in all countries of the labor market needs to analyze work to do was requested. Moreover, the Islamic Development Bank and SESRIC's capacity building program to develop and to coordinate planned. established unity determine the functioning of the charter operation , Turkey , Gambia, Maldives and Mali is scheduled to make . participants of the countries once a year to come together and after each meeting discussed , the decision and recommended that issues any decision text published proposed \"

Assembly of the Union of Islamic Countries to Public Employment" comments for.


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