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  • 25 Haziran 2014, Çarşamba 23:12

Assembly of TSOs

Assembly of TSOs
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Malatya Chamber of Commerce and Industry (TSO ) President Hasan Hüseyin Erkoç Malatya's exports in the first five months of last year, an increase of $ 10 million compared to $ 167 million , he said .

Malatya news: Malatya Chamber of Commerce and Industry (TSO ) President Hasan Hüseyin Erkoç Malatya's exports in the first five months of last year, an increase of $ 10 million compared to $ 167 million , he said . June
TSO Parliamentary Meeting, chaired by Payzın Sami Parliament was held in the Hall of TSO . Speaking at the meeting TSO President Erkoç , \"Malatya's export figures briefly want to mention . Past five months, the total of 167 million dollars , we have exported . Late last year over the same period , exports of 157 million dollars , while a $ 10 million increase at the year-end hopeful. Total 83 country exports , while most exports , Germany, Iran , Italy, USA , countries like Russia to have carried out . export items in our early 81 million dollars and apricot while the other four sequence ; Readymade garments , aquatic products, cereals and pulses and textile products coming. past year in the same period , ie the first five months we export fresh apricot our revenue in 2013 to 1 million 654 thousand dollars, while in 2014 the same period this figure of 470 thousand dollars remained \"he said.
Erkoç \"iso announced by the top 500 firms in the 4 Malatyalı citizens of our presence for us a source of pride was, \"he said.
TSO site Apricot review and Research Commission established indicating Erkoç ,\"apricot disaster this year Malatya economy seriously affects . Indeed, many manufacturers this year for the first time in the History of apricot postponed the wedding because they can not generate revenue . In total, around 50 businesses were also affected by apricot indexed . Related to this , Malatya Chamber of Commerce and Industry will continue our initiatives as . Over the past week , our council members , including four of five people have established a Apricot Review and Research Commission . Our members of Parliament chaired by Tariq Pektek Aydin Diamond, Remzi Bend, Erol Elba and consisting of Abdullah Duran was our commission held its first meeting . After the first meeting, a report was prepared by the commission . Here are three ingredients to the fore . Apricot excluded from the scope of the disaster first , second and third TARSİM Insurance Producer to improve the possibilities for the next period demand has field-based support for maintenance support . Board of Directors as it primarily Agriculture Minister including all relevant units in the coming days we will send \"the information provided.
Region of the blood in the month of Ramadan on the occasion of the ending they want and developments in the region of the provinces of the region exports also reported adverse effects Erkoç , Malatya, these developments Because adversely affected emphasized. held in Ankara organized Industrial zones participated in the meeting said that the Erkoç at this meeting, organized industrial zones plots of electricity in a single subscription Giving obligation Eastern and Southeastern Anatolia Region organized industrial zones demanded the removal noted.
TK 's canceled the Ankara-Malatya between the morning time on July 2 will resume stating Erkoç canceled other time of the reorganization for the Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan wrote a letter stating , \"In this regard specially selected and assigned to the joint motion and sound a tone of high need stickers . We will pursue this issue , we will not let it go in this business . Malatya to support it despite it not a city that deserves to be unfair . Metropolitan olmuşuz , have we given so much support , the summer season of flights has increased tourism at the one time he has no right of Malatya . The province also as the TSO this thing go will not leave , \"he said .
TSO Assembly meetings become a traditional old member plaques to the tradition of giving in this meeting by continuing tso's former members Tevfik Ilıcak, Ali Nuri Ilıcak, Benjamin Parker, Rifat Özdemir, Kenan Lead, Huseyin Ertas, Çekmegil Mustafa Ramadan Büyükbib , Mesut Barışık , Halis Cloud and Şendoğdu Hussein was given a plaque .

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