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SON Dakika

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  • 02 Ekim 2014, Perşembe 19:44

Assign a memorable evening with iron is

Assign a memorable evening with iron is
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Stars in outdoors activities with Avea has made closing the Iron Horse .

İstanbul news:
in the final of the ICC with the organization of the concert on the evening of October 1 of the Iron Horse , Flood each morning from all the famous orchestra under the direction of the stage , accompanied by the orchestra was formed . Alaturka from the album tracks as well as a much loved piece of repertoire in which iron is both audio as well as pleasant conversation with the following of the music and a fun-filled overnight entertained.
Stage Demir'It Happened','Such Mi Es would','say let them know ,'from the castle top launchers ,'Living a lie Maybe','a Spring Evening','Caught leaving','Auspicious','Longing','My dearest Tell My dear ,'Meseci to ,'Love How It is a','one of you','obscure not you Nothing','the Last Letter','System','Fugitive','Tamavr a Matya'and'Black Bush','Val finance my Gamlı Mourning'as the Turkish art music and classic pop music pieces consisting of 30 tracks sang.
accompanying almost all parts in place while the audience had fun in outdoors in moving parts . On the stage of excitement often voicing Horse Iron during the night his little jokes and imitations with the audience into laughter drowned .
'Chicken and hamburgers I'part of the said Iron song while singing his imitations with nearly the Open-Air laughter drowned .
Ancestors Demir gave a concert in two parts foreign . Iron , Goran Bregovic's'to Meseci'songs and danced in both , he said. He is accompanied by trumpet and saxophone with the team finished the first half with a visual feast . In the second half the Greek voiced'Tamavr Matia Water'with a piece of iron is fascinated took full note of music lovers . Stage Anatolian Fire Dance Community and Ozge Borak ballet brother and ballerina with her ​​fiance Seda and Selim Borak'the Demireren accompanied .
CONCERT BUNCH AKBAĞ and Libby Bora GRAND FINAL < br/> Night at the climax of'Ata Demirer said Bean Bundles Akbağ was accompanied on stage . Alas Alas part they sang together on stage with the Akbağ Ata Demirer Open-Air duet was almost move . Under ovation'Chocolate Çikita Iron and Akbağ also sang the night ended. Iron is an enthusiastic audience and applause break'to Meseci'part was the encore . Bis of the stage during the surprise of his wife, Libby Borak was going on stage . Iron Horse Borak Libby dancing together and ended with this beautiful night scene .
Party after the concert, the Iron Horse is celebrating with friends and family did ICC . Night of the memories selfie to draw did not neglect .
Ata Demirer concert among the audience wife Ozge Borak and Demeter Akbağ as well as Hagan-Ayça Algül, Pearl IYB the Gülenay Shield, Ayse Özyılmazel'in , Wormwood Körmükç the Hakan Algül, Suzan brother , Erkan had Özerman .

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