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  • 11 Kasım 2014, Salı 10:22

Assign Full Rated Yenimahalle Emotions

Assign Full Rated Yenimahalle Emotions
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Gazi Mustafa Kemal Atatürk , the departure of 76 of us Yenimahalle Municipality by Nazim Hikmet anniversary of the Convention and Arts Center Stars , held in the City Hall Theatre \"Plane is immortal \"program was commemorated .

Ankara news: Photo Yenimahalle Mayor Fethi Yasar hosted and Capitals of Culture and Arts Development and Support Association for the commemoration program organized in collaboration with the CHP Deputy Chairman Seyhan Erdoğdu, Deputy Mayor Mehmet Kartal , Vice President Yasar Neslihanoğl , the CHP Yenimahalle District President Ali bucan , the OSİAD Chairman Adnan Keskin, joined councilors and citizens. Yenimahalle Mayor Yaşar , \"Mustafa Kemal Atatürk , our century just went down in history as a commander was an example for not oppressed nations to Turkey . Who is appreciative you make the Turkish nation is what we did. Our nation serving it , the ancestors from nothing to a country and a republic established comes with 91 years , 76 years thanksgiving anniversary of his death , gratitude and salute with respect. in our country, our industry today , mine technical call us , our highways , if our factory is due to light oil Mustafa Kemal . We know that. We do not want to go now dark. I appeal to here, one today what position the worker whether you are , or officer , or bureaucrats , or mayor , or deputy ministers want , prime minister, your president owe it all to Ataturk . Today is a gift to Ankara to leave his mansion and ağaçlandırarak a green oasis into which Atatürk Forest Farm'what is he doing even palace , built if you can and if you can sit in that chair you owe the ancestors and comrades , \"he said .
Chairman Yasar Halim Yağcıoğlu the end of his speech ,\"Atatürk Last Letter \"poem read.
\"after 76 years since there is no death in any leader in the world such faith , love, are referred to in brotherhood and get missed , \"he began his talk CHP Deputy Chairman Seyhan Erdoğdu said,\"our union , brotherhood we get distortion at all. This is a nice day to us consciousness , beliefs and prepare a fine effort and I thank everyone who lived , \"he said . Capital Arts Community Choir under the direction Photo Chief Erkan Efe, beautiful song from each describing Ataturk , songs and poems sang. On the one hand , Mustafa Kemal's life and described the section for their contributions to the country , on the one hand , had hundreds of metropolitan emotion-filled hours filling the program hall where it said the dedication of the song. At the end of the night Capital of Culture and Arts Development and Support Association President Kenan stars , Moscow Mayor Fethi was presented a plaque of appreciation Alive .

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