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  • 13 Kasım 2014, Perşembe 03:43

Assignments Of Ministers

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Deputy Prime Minister , Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources, Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock, Ministry of Culture and Tourism and the decision to appoint belonging to the Ministry of Education was published in the Official Gazette.

Ankara news: Photo Accordingly ; Deputy Prime Petroleum Pipeline Co. (BOTAS ) General Directorate Sefa Sadik Aytekin was appointed to the Board . Culture and Tourism Ministry of Cultural Assets and Museums sacked to be assigned to another task Nurettin Serhad Lung Assistant General Manager .
Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources Ministry, Undersecretary Ahmet Muhtaroğlu and Imad Erdogan getting the task to be assigned to other duties , Aladdin Ünüvar Ministry Counsellor to , electricity Generation Inc. Directorate General Vice President Nurettin Kulala was brought to the same place a Board Member .
Food, Agriculture and Livestock Ministry Counsellor to Ezra Thompson, Meat and Milk Corporation CEO and Chairman of the Istanbul Provincial Food, Agriculture and Livestock Manager was appointed in November Piran . Photo Counsellor Ministry of Culture and Tourism Ministry Balci you are appointed, the Supervisory Board Member of the Kyrgyzstan-Turkey Manas University Rector Fatih Sultan Mehmet Foundation . Smoke was brought to Moses .

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