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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 12 Kasım 2014, Çarşamba 09:43

Assist Cloud:\"Visible in the Marmara Region Great Earthquake \"

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In the Marmara Region , said Assistant Professor of 7 magnitude earthquake expected .

İstanbul news: Dr. Fatih Bulut, said this would mean a major earthquake disaster. Of Düzce earthquake occurred on November 12, 1999 Photo 15th anniversary of the announcement, Istanbul Aydin University Disaster Research Center ( AFAM ) Director Asst. Dr. Fatih Bulut, west young and resilient North Anatolian Fault that and said it would lead to a major breakdown of the expected earthquake around 7 magnitude in the Marmara Region .
Last century in our country and in Europe, the most destructive earthquake zone with North Anatolian at Fault stated that the observation of great importance for understanding earthquake processes Assist meat supply . Dr. Cloud , said:\"In 1939, the east starting from Erzincan westward systematically broken the North Anatolian Fault , east and shows very different properties to the west of each other. East has a NAF-producing older and larger earthquakes. For example , Erzincan 1939 earthquake has created a near tears about 400 kilometers with 7.9 . However, the North Anatolian Fault constitutes the west much shorter tears . an earthquake of 7.9 magnitude that we very least expect the Marmara Region not , although one possibility is impossible. in the West There is a younger and more resistant to the North Anatolian Fault . However, it is expected earthquake at 7 in the vicinity of the size of the Marmara Region , and this means a great destruction. the take measures for demolition and we are in the hands of . \"Photo TURKEY IMPORTANT Laboratory of earthquake Assist said that after the 1999 earthquake in Turkey Photo taken important steps in monitoring earthquakes . Dr. Fatih Bulut, \"Turkey represents one of the major earthquake laboratory on Earth ,\"he said . Photo Assist indicating founded after 1999 thanks to a new country can be observed in networks of small earthquakes in general . Dr. Fatih Bulut, said:\"Turkey represents one of the natural earthquake laboratory . Today, the 15-year surpassed 1999 Düzce earthquake , close to one of the largest disaster occurred in our past country. November 12, 1999 an earthquake of 7.2 magnitude occurred in the evening unfortunately that 845 citizens were killed. 1999 İzmit this earthquake after the earthquake that we should be us cautious after major disasters have also taught in a painful way . Turkey, after the 1999 earthquake earthquake has taken important steps towards monitoring. in general no longer the country established with the new network small earthquakes can be observed . almost all tectonic regimes within the hosting of our country , every mechanism represents one of the earthquakes recorded on Earth's most important natural earthquake laboratory . However, in most national studies have not yet behind much of the recorded data stocks. \"Photo Cloud , Istanbul Aydin University Disaster Research Center the ( AFAM ) , focusing on the physical and statistical behavior of earthquakes using the existing knowledge resource , it aims to produce more concrete process in scientific output were also added.

Assist Cloud:\"Visible in the Marmara Region Great Earthquake \"" comments for.


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