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  • 21 Aralık 2013, Cumartesi 18:26

Assistance to Syrian Continues

Assistance to Syrian Continues
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Adiyaman facilities benefiting from the tent city of the state of civil society organizations to help Syrian refugees continue.

Adıyaman news: Adiyaman in the tent city of the state benefiting from Syrian refugees NGO assistance continues.
Operating in Istanbul Yeşilvadi International Aid Association, and Human Health by the Association Syrians clothing and blankets have contributed. Associations organized campaign, they provided three thousand blankets and 50 boxes of clothing the Syrians handed.
Adiyaman Deputy Governor Mehmet Ugur Arslan, Mayor of Adiyaman Najib Büyükaslan, Yeşilvadi International Solidarity Association President Sezai Steel and Human Health Association President Heydar Mete, aid delivery attended the ceremony.
aid distribution Speaking at Adiyaman Deputy Governor Mehmet Ugur Aslan, assistance association that officials thanking,"they do this aid money to them in gratitude our Syrian behalf I convey. refuge in Turkey Syrians We have in our own country's facilities required by the United Nations with opportunities for a good life now trying. winter days, this blanket themselves warm facilities in a warm nest would provide'd wish,"he said.
Adiyaman Mayor Najib Büyükaslan, the benefits the association manager gratitude to the offering,"God bless our brothers., our country In recent years, from where came to see? 50 years ago Adiyaman lived in poor our people internationally by the Red Cross Red Crescent assistance through would send. Today, not with external assistance to our country abroad also help to catapult our country sensitive devoted people there. praise God would,"he said.
Human Health Association President Heydar Medina, in his speech,"Green Valley Site as residents earlier associations through Somalia, Pakistan last year, still Syrian refugees to our brothers in Hatay 750 thousand around food aid had made. This years now in Adiyaman tent city living brothers and sisters came to help we have. Gross aid contained in the site to our people also would like to thank,"he said.
Yeşilvadi International Solidarity Association President Sezai Celik,"Our country needed within the limits required outside the boundaries primarily humanitarian Muslims our brothers suffered hunger, famine, floods, disasters, such as earthquakes cases're moving. Soon organized and the benefits personally taking're giving. This way today Adiyaman our city within the boundaries of the Syrian refugee camp in the Syrian Muslim brothers and sisters that help our city managers civil governors As a result of joint work of the mayor and we have delivered,"he said.

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