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  • 12 Kasım 2014, Çarşamba 12:51

Assoc Akçaoğlu:\"Progress in Economic Prosperity for the EU target should be provided \"

Assoc Akçaoğlu:\
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Izmir University of Economics and Administrative Sciences, Vice Dean, Faculty Assoc

İzmir news: Sure Akçaoğlu , according to Credit Suisse 2014 Global Wealth Report published by Turkey's drew attention to the distribution of wealth among the countries with the highest inequality. Assoc Akçaoğlu sure , for EU membership , said it should take measures to ensure progress in economic prosperity. Photo Izmir University of Economics and Administrative Sciences Faculty Deputy Dean and Head of the Department . Dr. Sure Akçaoğlu , published by Credit Suisse Global Wealth Report 2014 assesses . Turkey's wealth distribution in Brazil , Indonesia, South Africa , India, and with countries like Russia, \"the highest inequality with countries \"category located emphasizing that Akçaoğlu , \"If Turkey wants a European-style democracy , if you want to get from the process of full membership of the EU, If you want a political context to resemble those countries , in terms of income and wealth distribution should also be similar to that country. State qualified employment based , should lead to a system that encourages productive investment , \"he said . Photo offense should sort the Akçaoğlu measures , vital political and social stability in the country he said with emphasis . Income and wealth distribution inequality in that foreign investors are also affected record Emin Akçaoğlu , the statement gave the following statement:\"and the same outlook for domestic investors also apply these problems can create a kind of vicious cycle over time. Could create distortions in the income and wealth distribution of a lack of investment in the next step lack of investment could cause a continuation of again . \"

Assoc Akçaoğlu:\"Progress in Economic Prosperity for the EU target should be provided \"" comments for.


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