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  • 05 Mayıs 2014, Pazartesi 14:32

Assoc. Dr. . Booth, Hybrid Battery Assesses

Assoc. Dr. . Booth, Hybrid Battery Assesses
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YT Department of Physics, Faculty Assoc .

İstanbul news: YT Department of Physics, Faculty Assoc . Dr. . Holy Booth, medical, military and space research areas such as hybrid batteries that are useful in many branches were evaluated.
growing rapidly in recent years in parallel with developments in the energy sector , technological research on batteries began to be made again . Yıldız Technical University (YTU) Department of Physics Assoc . Dr. . Holy Booth, the future will be exhausted batteries , hybrid batteries were evaluated. Technological batteries referred to as photon-beta-hydride battery of multiple energy source obtained by using batteries stated that the Holy Booth, \"solar energy obtained from the photovoltaic cell structure and activity is very low and human health no harm some beta voltaic cell structure as used batteries are , \"he said .
future depletion of the battery describing Booth,\"Betavoltaik battery structure of the solar cells are very similar . solar cells and betavoltaik batteries main difference between the solar cell, the solar energy into electrical energy is converted , betavoltaik batteries, radioactive beta source emitted from the beta particles ( electrons ) energy into electrical energy is the conversion . used radioisotopes most important feature of the source half life for many years electricity capable of generating . half-life 100 years, a radioisotope which we use (e.g. , tritium half life of 12 years and Ni-63 source half life is 100 years ) 100 years after the initial power of half the power we can produce , \"he said .
commercial solar cells , some problems cause said Booth, \"In recent years , studies have shown that high yield of a normal commercial solar cell on the beta source of some of the problems the road is open . One of these problems , a large amount of electrons falling on the solar cells into solar cells by thermal effect is damaging . Hence hybrid-batteries used in space technology and much more durable solar cells are preferred. However, cost and efficiency are important here . Another problem , beta obtained from solar energy by the energy efficiency is low. Thus, high efficiency and cost effective to normal commercial solar cells on the importance of the study has increased even more , \"he said .
Today and technology are very popular long-lasting battery to produce mainly mobile phones to many fields such hybrid batteries interest in further register would increase the Holy Booth, \"also produced this hybrid batteries ; medicine, military areas , such as space exploration is expected to be useful in many areas . With the young generation of our country as an interdisciplinary study team be directed to these areas ; research-development-production technology in the field is also important for achieving the goals , \"he said .

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