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  • 02 Ocak 2014, Perşembe 12:03

Assoc. Dr.. Sinan Canan:

Assoc. Dr.. Sinan Canan:
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Expert brain training as earthquakes, floods and stylish in an emergency like an accident can be overcome by the panic of the states say.

Ankara news: Expert brain training as earthquakes, floods and stylish in an emergency like an accident can be overcome by the panic of the states say.
brain working system as described [n] Brain in the show, our brains basic operating characteristics, as well as in emergency situations often the panic in the How to overcome may be associated with important information is given.
earthquake, fire, flood, accident emergency situations people They often instinctively escape to a random place. Most of the time, how many of these you can have fatal consequences. However, training your brain with the potential emergencies that could occur in a panic state can be overcome.
Disaster and Emergency Management Presidency AFAD Agencies that perform services ESTEP by the company, the paraffin contribute to the only organized and brain working system as described [n] Brain showdowns panic how to overcome important information on how the bride is given.
met with great interest in the University"[n] brain"of presenters Yildirim Beyazit University School of Medicine, Head of the Department of Physiology. Dr.. Sinan Canan, people instinctively that they acted in moments of panic, so I do wrong pointed out that the probability is high. From this perspective, the instinctual behaviors of our come from learning that it's important we emphasize that Canan,"Read what we have learned and what we know disaster immediately need to apply the information does not return. Because disasters instant instinctive our brains all is taking over and life to the most urgent way do the responses reveal. Often these behaviors very remote ancestors of our natural environment shaped in that, especially in modern city environments can live disaster ready reflexes do not have any,"he said.
PANIC manageable
Brain training of panic can be avoided voicing Assoc . Dr.. Sinan Canan, he continued as follows:
"in case of disaster, this panic behavior, the rational pre-order to educate the people before the panic behavior of the essence, and then panic even in a state that they can implement the most basic behavior, how can learn some tips on trying to give. Disaster instant of panic here and there to scour rather than the pre-training and rehearsals plenty done, studied, scientifically proven to be effective methods in various ways to the people within a continuum by building or by simulations able to teach. disaster awareness in the formation of this knowledge is very important [n] Brain in training 've seen. humans, disaster and remember again what you did in moments of panic, they can be easier attention to such matters."
Assoc. Dr.. Sinan Canan, Brain training in the disaster about to explain everything that we should not save,"We only topic of brain science in terms of some parts we have to deal. AFAD also in addition its own will do in training greater level of disaster preparedness in the process of what needs to be done are well trained in a manner to inform already has long been doing. these two forces with the merger much more effective and lasting results emerge believe,"he said.
[n] Brain training first aid staff in terms of the importance Referring to the Assoc. Dr.. Canan, AFAD's brain and human psychology studies in pointed to.
Canan, in this regard the following comments:
"AFAD with the authorities that we have made in talks to cooperate with us before the brain and human psychology education on the importance of the already gripped realize that they are 've. Agency's employees, first aid officers and rescue teams off one another because it is composed of its elements psychology to manage the possible information already very need. them, we've already training is done. But on training to remember what our"[n] brain"education as we know it training program but rather a stage show in the mood and people from all walks open to an organization, hence we in this organization teach you something rather than people's attention, scientific knowledge-based care aim to create. This attention after you create the required working in the field need disaster informed about wanting to civilians, this housing still brain science Based on your learning productivity increase we are trying to. because human beings drawn to the attention of wonder, when a much more permanent way can learn. Our obviously this process we decided to do the main contribution, people's curiosity, attract, and thus their learning and behavior internalization to facilitate the process"
in disaster areas to work on a new training program to prepare staff who are planning Assoc. Dr.. Canan,"to the field of rescue teams get the first aid teams, whether it be after a disaster people to deal with professionals the basic biological and medical information as well as human psychology in the basic level to be knowledgeable we think is important. Related to this subject in future periods as academic AFAD within our utmost support to give We're doing some work for."said.
Assoc. Dr.. Sinan Canan and the Hacettepe University Faculty of Medicine Research Officer Serkan together they offer Karaismailoğlu"[n] Shows Brain", was held at 19 universities so far. More than 10 thousand college students attended until now"[n] to show the brain", has attracted great interest from the audience. Dr.. Can the"brain know much about the claim that we do not actually, but what we know that everyone can understand the narrative can allegedly sahnelerd are, we received responses Looking guess successful in this we are,"he said.
This interesting and so it contains important information [n] Brain on the show, in the period ahead in many universities will continue.
[n] brain more detailed information about brains interesting facts and [the] brain organization to be aware of Dr. Sinan Can and Research. Check. By Serkan Karaismailoğlu can follow at being constantly updated.

Assoc. Dr.. Sinan Canan:" comments for.


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