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  • 05 Mayıs 2014, Pazartesi 11:59

Association of Marmara from Oltului enthusiastic Night March 25

Association of Marmara from Oltului enthusiastic Night March 25
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Oltului by the Association of Marmara Istanbul on Saturday, May 3, 2014 The Gran Pendik Park was held overnight at the hotel .

Erzurum news: Oltului by the Association of Marmara Istanbul on Saturday, May 3, 2014 The Gran Pendik Park was held overnight at the hotel . elimination of craving and longing in the night
moments full of emotion was experienced. Each other for years blind Oltului to each other hugs starved troubleshoot integral liberation cake cut .
Silane abroad to carry Marmara Oltului Association of Independence Night at the opening speech, President of the Association Fatih Hiçdurmaz , \"Title passion , ways of life that I put , say the cure , the hearts sultan Dadaslar ... Marmara Oltului our association , organized by the illustrious and glorious history which is full of beautiful our county grassy our liberation from enemy occupation of the 96 and the Marmara Oltului the association's organization 2.sene patrols on the occasion , our association is organized by the organization and liberation feast with us , remotely close grace to all those who , personally and on the board of directors I welcome you on behalf of my friends . \"said.
In his speech, the association's establishment about the purpose of the guests knowledges President Hiçdurmaz , \"Marmara Oltului Association as get from you that power and we have seen countenance and 2014 , the corporate structure completed , and a new vision and projects have entered . in our region all Oltului the under the same roof is fine and our members being honored that our county development, and will contribute to give direction, to work on projects tempo our full swing and continues to increase . an NGO from the expectations in line with our goals surely are walking . organization since our events we organize, we organizations has gaze our point , our vision and mission to reflect again dernekçilig a whole new approach saves and an exemplary civil society organizations become what we proudly would like to express , \"he said .
Night in the regulation dearly Thank Hiçdurmaz ,\"this beautiful night we are left alone , Oltului to Bursa , Izmir Oltului the Gebze, Darıca, to Oltului Izmit , Istanbul and Bursa Oltului March 25 thank you for the valuable members of Olten platform . This kind of our activities more Oltului together to bring after that you try to resume , \"he said .
Association President Fatih Hiçdurmaz after the speech guests a welcome speech did . Nights the guest of honor Minister of Interior Ejkar Ala, due to busy schedule night participate in the greetings brother Ministry of Education, Head of Internal Audit Citations Al passed.
troubadours sang the beautiful song after Erzurum Male Bar Team will be shown offered. hundreds Oltulu incorporating the surprise of the night artist frosty earth moving parts of the invitees Dragos halay had fun . nights at the end of Olten fortress made ​​of stone portrait sold at auction was presented. portrait Oltulu Businessman Joseph Cebeci 12 thousand paying bought .
Bursa March 25 Platform from the Association participated in the night Dursun best man and his retinue in the night to guests on the Olt 25 Martsp written a towel as a gift.
that has a broad participation Park Hotel in Istanbul Pendik the Gran night ; Citations Ala ( Ministry of Education, Head of Internal Audit ) , Erol Altun ( Highways Deputy General Manager ) Ahmet Ağırman ( ISTO's General Manager), Rahm Aksoy ( Youth and Sports Ministry of Press Department ) , Orhan Stars ( Environmental bak.dair Presidency ) Honor Albayrak (Governor) Orhan Altun ( Governor) , Muammer Yildiz ( Istanbul National Education City Manager ) , Hi Albayrak ( Istanbul Provincial Health Director ) Şerafettin Turan ( Istanbul Provincial Education Director Asst. ), Mahmut Polat ( Public Prosecutor ) Erkan Şimşek (Judges ), Abdullah Sener ( Olt Governor ) , s.ken Sahin ( Pendik Mayor ), Atilla Silk ( Pendik Deputy Mayor ) , Abraham Ziyrek ( Olt Mayor ) , Yalcin Ozden (Artist ) Fuat Iron ( AK Party Olten District Chairman ) , Thompson Dursun ( Kocaeli Erzurum Associations fed.başk . ) , Gencay Yıldıztekin ( Kocaeli erz.dernek Fed . Founding President ) Kenan Kağanarsl the ( Istanbul Erzurum Associations Fed. ) Suha Dengizek ( Erzurum Foundation Chairman ) , Lutfi Akyuz ( Bilecik Erzurum Association President ) , Ihsan Sancar ( Izmir Oltului Association President ), Murat Haşimoğlu ( Kadikoy Oltului Association President) Bulent Stars ( Darıca Oltului Association President) , Dursun Groomsman ( Bursa 25 Platform) , existing Tosun ( Businessman ) , Cihangir Rock ( Businessman ) , Muhibbi Eagle ( Businessman ) Yusuf Cebeci ( Businessman ) , Mustafa Demiral ( Businessman ) , Koksal Kose ( Businessman ) , Yusuf Bektas ( Businessman ) , Cetin Utilization ( Businessman ) and was attended by over Turkey from all over the Oltului .

Association of Marmara from Oltului enthusiastic Night March 25" comments for.


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