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  • 06 Kasım 2014, Perşembe 14:14

At the heart of Turkey to Bursa in 3 Days

At the heart of Turkey to Bursa in 3 Days
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Prime Minister and ministers Ahmet Davutoglu , on Friday will serve 720 million pounds investment in Bursa.

Bursa news: Photo AK Party Deputy Chairman Abdul Hamid Gul , the AK Party Istanbul Provincial Directorate found in the elections and statements on the agenda . Provincial President did Cemallet grandchildren and provincial board member speaking at a press conference with the participation of the Rose, \"720 million pounds of investment will be released tomorrow, the number of services the people of Ontario by our prime minister . Our ministers with Mr prime minister will also attend. 8 after May on March 30 metropolitan consultation meeting in Ankara we realized we did. Secondly tomorrow in Bursa. Because Istanbul is a vibrant city . a city we Hiperak . city zoning which in Bursa aK Party metropolitan 5-year development of our mayor , and we laid on the table of our new city design. we will evaluate our ministers concerned . Dear minister Bulent Arinc Ali Babacan , Efe looking for, Mehmet Simsek, Idris Güllüce , Veysel Eroglu, Intellectual Light , Nurettin participate in the Canikli \"he said.
< strong> 3 DAYS DEV MEETING BURSA in Photo 3 days continue metropolitan mayor of consultation meetings that they would lay on the table in the development and new urbanism issues of the Rose, \"Our businessmen who live in Bursa , a city in the economy and civil society organizations will come together. 70 percent of Turkey's population are living in cities. Our meeting will begin tomorrow concerns the whole of Turkey . We believe that the best results out of this meeting . Ottoman city of Bursa is very important to make these meetings . We invite the public to all scholarships for this meeting. Merino will perform public opening , together with our ministers AKKM , \"he said . Photo BURSA'< strong> OR 15 BILLION INVESTMENTS HELD Photo Bursa 12 years in the AK Party government underlines that made ​​15 billion pounds investment rose, \"We have the 2015 elections. Convention will enter immediately after our elections. We are entering an election is not the opposition in Turkey. I hope folks will come out with the support of the success of these elections the AK Party and will do a new constitution . AK Party and the opposition is not , of itself, is competing with reforms. I wish to make our country better 2015 elections, \"he said.

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