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  • 27 Kasım 2013, Çarşamba 13:09

At the meeting of the Joint Committee on Vocational SATSO Met

At the meeting of the Joint Committee on Vocational SATSO Met
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Sakarya Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SATSO) committees operating within the profession, problems and suggestions voiced their Joint Professional Committee Meeting, SATSO Ali Coskun was held in the Conference Hall.

Sakarya news: Sakarya Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SATSO) committees operating within the profession, problems and suggestions voiced their Joint Professional Committee Meeting, SATSO Ali Coskun was held in the Conference Hall. Meeting, the President of the Assembly SATSO A. Anderson and Chairman Mahmoud Ahmed chaired Kösemusul.
Committee showed great interest in the opening speech of the meeting Chairman Mahmoud Kösemusul SATSO, SATSO rise to 32 occupational groups with the 34 occupational groups and 204 members of the committee be composed of 85 members of parliament said. Kösemusul, committee members addressed in his speech are voiced:
"Sakarya Chamber of Commerce and as we consultations are very caring. Problems our joint solution to produce a consultative environment is very important. Committees, both professional and home city of our socio-economic problems, wish and requests these meetings to evaluate a parent meeting with the Board of Directors transmits. Occupation committees, Room - to fusion of the most important tasks undertaken indispensable for our organs. 2013 period, a record number of meetings, decisions and activities of our Chamber end to the workings very important contribution because they personally and Board colleagues on behalf of the Professional Committee of our individual thank you."
Chairman Mahmoud Kösemusul then Parliament Speaker Ahmed Anderson, SATSO 34 professional committees and their affiliated approximately 13 thousand members have said,"Members of the employment feel the power when you look at SATSO and their members how great a power that you have to understand. SATSO maker and a positioning we are. these under one roof only sector not about the city every problem solve it at the point may make a request, we it We're here for. SATSO very strong and a great family and all your fertleris of this family. Therefore we demand serious work than anyone else,"he said.
professional committee representatives at the meeting spoke drawn by lots. Orhan SATSO Vice Chairman and General Secretary Ugur Yılgenc and Gunay Sun Tin first mentioned in the 11th meeting where Occupation Committee, speaking on behalf of committee members Rıfkı Badr took.
Badr, the majority of jewelers and jewelery trade engaged composed of members of the trade group weekends and especially Sundays, working hours irregularities related problems expressed,"especially on Sundays necessarily needed. Jewellers get open, but connecting to an order made on the basis of patrol,"he said.
19 Occupation Committee Vice President Ali Dayıoğlu, motorized transport and the problems of industry professional group is mainly expressed in vehicles for transport services, especially in Sakarya plate 54 has emphasized that care must be taken to apply. Dayıoğlu, said that the difficult situation of the public transport industry, Sakaryalı protection and service firms and public transport should be sought about the condition of the plate 54 is expressed. Ali Dayıoğlu, this issue has stated that they expect support from SATSO. Speaking on behalf of the same committee, the Chairman of the Committee, described as under stairs or luggage carriers cautioned that care must be taken to transporters found.
10 Occupation Committee Vice Chairman Erol Demiralay sedaş'l institutional procedures in that they experience distress expressed,"Currently in the process experienced procedure shortage while specializing expectations of them will decrease and jobs will accelerate, respectively. However, these problems have increased. Centre from the system over the management application rather than individual views are being made, instant assessment can not be made. private company extends the application of the process are victims of our industry and other sectors,"he said.
7 Occupation Committee spoke on behalf of the Chairman of the Committee Çatalbaş nature. Committee's gas installations operating in the sector composed of members stating Çatalbaş speech, Turkey's energy policies and energy savings addressing the issue are expressed:
"Turkey's $ 60 billion in energy imports $ 20 billion portion warming're spending. Heat recovery face 25 energy saving and the means to save nearly $ 5 billion. urban regeneration and new construction consists condensing boilers and heat efficient boilers will be important in terms of saving"
30 Occupation Committee Chairman Idris Toska, the majority of fruit and vegetable trade engaged in a profession represents a group they expressed Geyve on the line state of the checkpoint hes done because that was removed and its sector distress had constituted and re-implemented requested said.
5 Occupation Committee Chairman Adnan Atasoy the dormitories, hotels, bulk food manufacturers, hotels and restaurants sector, which consists of operators touched on the problems and solutions. Atasoy speech, Sakarya University students who passed from other cities, public transport companies served by transport by only dorm restaurant operators the not Sakarya trade also adversely affect said.
1.Meslek Parliament Speaker Ahmed Anderson speaking on behalf of the Committee, the Committee's agricultural products trade and ornamental plant cultivation stating that gave information about the work. Anderson in his speech, ornamental plants sector in terms of contribution to the economy of the province and the country with the capacity and employment in this sector that provides a significant added value requested an inventory is conducted, they said. Altug, Yalova giving the example,"the industry can take the lead in the light of certain information and I think the two existing cooperatives can facilitate this work,"he said. Land consolidation on studies, including emphasizing the need Altug, especially fertilizers and agricultural tools in sales outlets opened the city from outside a company at very affordable prices to make sales that such commercial activities may struggle of the road, aggregated to these firms than competitors now emphasized.

21 Occupation Committee Chairman Levent Bayraktar, finding elements of the automotive industry and they expressed experienced serious problems in raising this issue in accordance with resolution SATSO Management and worked as the committee said. Element in cultivating 3 +1 model is similar to the work done in the Provincial Education Director Selim Yavuz Sandıkçı with the opinion expressed Bayraktar,"National Education Directorate appropriate projects within the work started towards the advent believe that. Province in our used car selling gallerists our ' Galericiler Site, would like to meet. this work to a certain point has been reached. Such a site to our province will gain by saying"Site Galleries establishment on the way about the work gave information.
32 Profession Committee Chairman Yalcin Shepherd PVC Organized Industrial Zone on specialized studies gave information about their initiatives and. Shepherd speech, PVC IR Specialized OSB and his contributions to the industry to gain SATSO Management thanked for their efforts.
29 . Professional Committee of Members of Parliament Bulent Kars from the removal of the classroom educational institutions on behalf of 110-120 words addressing the issue, she said. Kars,"This year 1.5 million students will take the exams from 8th grade and we're getting ready to pass without examination system including the 6 +6 brought 12 exam saying,"expressed distress. Karslı also in the education system of university effects, citing"in 2005 YGS'ye number of students 1 million 500 thousand is. Dam did not pass the number of students to 180 thousand., 2013 students taking the examination more than 1 million 800 thousand, the dam did not pass the number of students 523 lap,"he said. Then everyone's fez to put it in front and thinking people tell the truth and stated that the Kars,"Children's time classroom is not getting. Courses scapegoat is selected. Courses shuts next 1-2 years in the exams dam failing to pass the number of students 750 thousand to reach,"he said. In addition, Kars,"Classrooms not a cause, consequence. Dershaneleri to close a drug cut the patient is to kill,"he said.
Kars response to the president spoke Kösemusul,"SATSO late last period 6 Profession Committee's free apparel applications related to the problem in other regions rooms in consultation with TOBB and the relevant ministries passing the positive results we got. thread solved. 6 of the professional committee under the leadership in Turkey have solved the problem. 6 Occupation committee as a role model to receive recommended. other room in the relevant committee in consultation with conducting important . SATSO closely followed the issues we would like to express here again,"he said.
20 Occupation Committee Chairman Haluk Stars oil sector, the rating by making"our country of tax revenues a significant fraction is collected sector beginning in the fuel sector, many of the problems are. Especially at the stations responsible manager required to run as well as emerging No. 6331 Occupational Health and Safety Act exiting earlier in the process gas stations LPG Managing Director while executing the laws of the removal and with the application comes LPG Managing Director in the capacity of staff employment sector an extra financial burden was. because under the Act operated safety experts and LPG Managing Director job description as having the same content,"he said.
Star also recently performed in SATSO and a first in Turkey by providing information about LPG Training offered their thanks to SATSO.

At the meeting of the Joint Committee on Vocational SATSO Met" comments for.


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