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  • 10 Kasım 2014, Pazartesi 13:14

At the police station in Korkuteli Period Ends Expression

At the police station in Korkuteli Period Ends Expression
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ANTALYA ( AFP)-Antalya district gendarmerie command in Korkutali expressions now began to take place in homes and events .

Antalya news: Theft by activity initiated by the Ministry of Interior , the process of citizens who are victims of crimes such as robbery and extortion, police stations will be at the scene without their calling to or gendarmerie station . Photo Korkutali District Gendarmerie Command instead be brought to the police station of the citizens will be the expression with the new application technology using expressions began to take their home and the scene. Photo Interior policeman with circular issued by the Ministry \"Local service Project\", the victim of citizens processes, scene or citizens reportedly has asked to be conducted in a location where appropriate, most of the security services to citizen satisfaction short time, it is stated that the nearest place of great importance and can be presented from the first stage was specified. Circular law enforcement officers , rather than at home or place of business crime victims to call the citizens of the station asking to give increasingly service reported.
Law enforcement officials conducted by the judicial and the notification to the administrative nature of the persons concerned going to do to your home or business location, notice and application of confidentiality or sensitivity to based on the services provided at the place where the citizens were recorded to be taken diligently carried out by civilian officials . photo Precision notice and apply for citizen's home to the official uniformed police will go , transactions with citizens primarily by telephone contact to be passed unless it is a necessity to be carried out at the gendarmerie station them in places where officers will be given information about the future while expressing the application is active and the number of pedestrian or motorized if deemed necessary for the execution team also noted that increased fast .


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