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  • 27 Kasım 2013, Çarşamba 17:55

At the University of Hasan Kalyoncu 'Towards Sustainable Development Model for East-Southeast Looking' Edited Panel on

At the University of Hasan Kalyoncu 'Towards Sustainable Development Model for East-Southeast Looking' Edited Panel on
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Hasan Kalyoncu University and organized in collaboration with the Association of Southeast's"East-Southeast Sustainable Development Model Looking for the right panel titled'' Hasan Kalyoncu University was held at the conference hall.

Gaziantep news: Hasan Kalyoncu University and Southeast'm Association, organized in collaboration with the"East-Southeast Right Way to Sustainable Development Model Looking'' on the panel, Hasan Kalyoncu University in a conference hall was made.
Hasan Kalyoncu University in the conference hall conference held; Hasan Kalyoncu University Rector. dr.tam Yilmaz, Gaziantep Chamber of Industry Chairman Adil Konukoğlu, Silk Road Development Agency Secretary General Dr. Bulent Ozkan, Assistant Professor Filiz Gülpak, Chamber of Commerce Vice President Ridvan rootless and many students joined.
The opening speech of the host position Hasan Kalyoncu University Rector Prof. Taner Yilmaz made. Yılmaz, sustainable development, stressing the importance, while investing in and sanayileşirk future generations' needs also to be considered, environmental and socio-economic relations towards the need to use said.
Yilmaz, sustainable for development, university, industry and civil society organizations should act together by transferring"East and Southeast region special. For development if it seems a little lagging behind, such as disadvantaged compared to the western region. But, right here, if you create a sustainable development model may be advantageous location. Removing an opportunity disadvantage might be our chance. A locomotive is very important to Gaziantep province. Industry and the region, perhaps the country will drag a provincial think that,"he said.
President Yilmaz after the panel delivered his lecture Gaziantep Chamber of Industry (GSO) Chairman Adil Konukoğlu, in the Southeastern Anatolia region of businessmen to invest more should do, said:"Investing should be taken into account when the dynamics of each city. Them is developed if the overall development we can provide,"he said.
Gaziantep economy in recent years a considerable distance floor pointed out that the Konukoğlu said :"B u cities to produce thousands of years ago has begun. During the War of Independence of Gaziantep and trained employees lost a substantial part of the population. Gaziantep, was not occupied during the War of Independence. Gaziantep in the world today is a London, New York, one in Paris and Tokyo as they spoke"
as the City from nothing to this point we've arrived stating Konukoğlu this year, 6.5 billion dollars export gerçekleştireceklerinin underlined. 240 thousand registered employees stating that the Konukoğlu in Turkey, machine carpet 94 percent, poliprobil of the yarn 86 per cent, nonwoven fabric for 80 percent additional pasta from flour to the food industry for many products produced in Gaziantep and exported, he said.
'Gaziantep, GAP sun rise is the city where 'he GSO President Adil Konukoğlu, of Gaziantep in 2023, $ 30 billion to export 350 thousand employment opportunities, high-tech products manufacturing base to be at least 20 national and international brands aimed at creating reminded.
all of Turkey region with overall development which emphasized the need Konukoğlu latest Incentive Act so far the most equitable incentive law that stated,"The only objection I have, where we want anywhere in the industry do it. Industry could have occurred at least 50 annual cultural need,'' he said.
Today Turkey's most important issues of one of the peace process, stating that the Konukoğlu solution process everyone cooperatively contribute to put said.
Southeastern Anatolia Region Noting that wealthy people have great responsibility to Konukoğlu, instead of living in big cities like Istanbul, go to their hometowns to invest and stressed the need to provide employment. Added:"Southeastern Anatolia Region, is currently the biggest problem; investors begrudge. Solve this problem, the only way the region to invest in Istanbul that have migrated to the south-east of the people here is to bring. Therefore, well before the confidence should provide. Then pull together in this process we have to support.'' he said.
GSO, the industrialists improve the competitiveness and development of the region to speed up the projects to be executed reminiscent added:"Hasse-Dortyol Tunnel Project"thanks industrialists ports of transportation would shorten, Gaziantep and Kilis among the 35 million square meter area will be established Sahinbey-Polateli Organized Industrial Zone including the choice made was reported.
Panel delivered his lecture Southeastern Association President Emotions Sucuka association, the Southeast's main problems on a scientific basis to address and in this sense to conduct studies and in particular training base to receive the establishment telling, given the importance of working in collaboration with universities, he said.
Rector end of the panel. Dr.. Tamer Yilmaz, GSO President Adil Konukoğlu and other speakers presented a plaque of appreciation.

At the University of Hasan Kalyoncu 'Towards Sustainable Development Model for East-Southeast Looking' Edited Panel on" comments for.


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