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  • 11 Ekim 2014, Cumartesi 13:05

Atacama has met with President Mukhtar

Atacama has met with President Mukhtar
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Tepebaşi Mayor Dt.

Eskişehir news: Ahmet Atacama , village headmen met for breakfast .
Tepebaşi Council meeting in Café Experienced Chairman and headmen Atacama , in consultation found . Mukhtar speaking on behalf of Eskisehir District Headman Union Subjects President Figen Rençber , \"our association and our neighborhoods problems to speak of such a meeting , we organized . Chairman Mr. Ahmet Atac participation due thank you very much ,\"he said .
President Atacama these meetings to be very helpful , he said . Ahmet Paperclip, \"with the council ward of the coming together is very important. You neighborhoods as representatives of the citizens troubles-one knows and troubleshoot staff there can . Your task is really very important. Problems somewhere collected from a single source to transmit the solution on behalf becomes easier. Past five we tried to troubleshoot years our neighborhood . during this period, the new law also connect us with our neighborhood troubleshoot \"he said.
after the speeches, the President paperclips, who attended the meeting and listened to the requests and suggestions of headmen .

Atacama has met with President Mukhtar" comments for.


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