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  • 02 Kasım 2014, Pazar 09:59

Atalay'from 6 to 7 October Events Disclosure

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AK Party Deputy Chairman Bashir Atalay, \"6 to 7 October event was their impact, the biggest blow HDPE seven .

Afyonkarahisar news: They are trying to compensate for his loss. Yesterday calls were evaluated as a slightly earlier remedial strategies . Chairman and a shattering blow for democracy HDPE look. Violence calls , never in the shade protection from those who want to not take part in politics in Turkey. They were damaged in this sense , \"he said .
AK Party Deputy Chairman and Party spokesman Bashir Atalay met at a press briefing breakfast with reporters in Hotel anemones. Atalay, in his speech , the AK Party's 23. Consultation and Evaluation they said in the meeting format change , \"Parallel halls that separate meetings , participated in the meeting you are interested in wanting . More comfortable asking questions, you get the opportunity to get answers. I did not have enough opportunity to talk in public hall , was the opportunity to be more vocal as it divides into three separate halls. Participants say they feel more comfortable the whole point , really , to express themselves freely , to ask questions , get answers ... Yesterday we did the experiment of it. 14:00 in the solution process, internal security and law regulations in the new process , were legal regulations. Second, foreign policy , the EU process . In the third hall economical. I conduct myself in our own meetings. In the evening I met with carrying out any other meeting friends , I got information . While the format change , I also thought of the small group discussion . The result of the meeting chaired by the chairman of governors , which takes place at the tables of Ministers , meeting with lawmakers and ask questions of yesterday's meeting will be a presentation on getting started . As a result, meeting from what it turned out, we will present for 10 minutes , \"he said .
Today's meeting who expressed will be taken to the questions of all participants , Atalay said that the time will continue until 14.00. Photo \"yesterday's meeting, the participation of the highest in our was in a meeting , \"said Atalay, \"especially 300 , then continued with 150 people . 26 people want to talk , he said. Pretty good listening, were in attendance . I felt like the format change has ensured that everyone really seeing each other face to face formatting scheme. Indeed, there was a careful listening . I saw this sense efficient . 4 Minister of presentation , 2 Deputy Prime Minister Bulent Arinc and Yalcin Akdogan about the solution process , is briefed the participants about what is happening . Interior Minister more events that occurred on October 6-7 , post , detentions, arrests, gave information on issues such as compensation of damages. Sent to the Prime Minister , he was briefed on the new internal security reform package . Our Minister of Justice , an issue which is pending before the Supreme Court and Council of State laws relating to the Council a proposal and previous proposals had gone well . Made some changes in the procedures of the criminal courts . HCJP selection, he was informed the participants on issues such as the formation of the High Council . Those who want to mention was detected , it was promised . Overall it was given later said 5 minutes. Our meeting lasted 5 hours. Ran like 19:00 . Solution process, our lawmakers in the East and Southeast Anatolia weight. Solution process and safety-related in the region ... I believe all of us to the solution process but increasing security in the region , the city and its citizens security in rural areas is a time to ensure good conversations on the agenda has been raised. Solution process, the disruption of public order ... I saw that in general terms , about the legal regulations. Finally, after an hour of this type of questions asked , our thoughts after the Cabinet agreed to answer questions. Remarks made ​​. How to gather general and I have closed the meeting . It will do the presentation in detail in the general meeting today, \"he said . Explaining that the Economic Coordination Committee meeting on the Economy Photo Atalay, \"our ministers joined them. Labour Minister was unable to attend only . First Ali Babacan made ​​a comprehensive presentation . Then our other Ministers have said things about their fields in a shorter period of 5-6 minutes. 70 was the one about participation . Medium Term Programme, especially related work in the next period , they have quite a few information about the 25 chapters opened and implementation . Ran like 19:30 , \"he said . In a Photo Foreign policy Foreign Minister and EU Affairs and Chief Negotiator Mevlut Cavusoglu Volkan Atalay Steppes made ​​a presentation stating that , \"Our Moderator Deputy Chairman in charge of Foreign Relations Aktay Yasin . I do not make distinctions in matters of foreign affairs , but EU governments emphasize . Of the action plan was prepared for the EU . Foreign Minister to our questions are more about the developments in the region. There was up to 60 people in attendance. 18 people asked questions , took the floor. Foreign policy meeting ended at around 18:00 , \"he said . Stating that they have a large group as the AK Party Photo Atalay, \"due to the shortage of time our group meeting in Parliament this is not always possible. This is an environment where the meeting said the thoughts of everyone comfortable for us. We also benefit from them. A meeting was held at the Headquarters of our MPs only . Our group is a dynamic group. Everyone thinks about when listening to conversations. Trying to be respectful to the whole affair , and evaluates policies , \"he said .
Yesterday's meeting with the Prime Minister , Ahmet Davutoglu, stating that participation Atalay, \"held a meeting with the founder of our party. Then the newly formed Headquarters Youth Section mkyk's , Women's Wing held a meeting with the mkyk's . It was provided to the demands of individual interviews . Today he will be meeting at the Presidency , \"he said . Photo Atalay, yesterday's presentation on the topic by explaining to do today 3 moderators , \"After our meeting , we will continue with the weighted overlooking the great questions and answers. In the afternoon we will have completed the closing speech of the president . Yesterday evening there were social programs , has been canceled. This , there is always a nice thing of being together, \"he said . Photo Atalay post comments answered journalists'questions. One journalist ,'the question of the solution process Atalay, \"Yesterday the government gave the authorities information, walks in the settlement process of their own media . Solution process with interviews , walks with dialogue in their own media , but if there is a lack of security in the region that will be rapidly reinforced. Also, if there is reinforcement in the form of legal loopholes that make up the weaknesses of legal gaps to be filled . İçgüvenlikl ... a comprehensive study on the dynamic process of the solution process . Such processes can not walk in a straight line in each country would be asked from time to time . You might even break points. In these difficult issues should be regarded as normal . You have to carry out with great determination . You will solve problems that arise. Or a provocative act that will take you to take very different decisions when you can not solve these serious issues. You will be aware of provocation. You will see a long breath to these issues. State here in a determined attitude to solve one of the chronic problems of the country . Currently there are expectations and demands on security in the region. Currently it is taking precautions . Government is taking new security measures and legal supplements . The important thing is to accelerate them . Security comes at the beginning of freedom. Citizens to live safely , claimed this is \"he replied. Photo Atalay, said:\"citizens to pressure lately, extortion , oppression and so on. They should not be . These are the demands. All kinds of safety measures ... necessary to give special attention to safety . If there are legal gaps will be eliminated . Trying a great effort . \"Photo \" SOLUTION PROCESS WILL CONTINUE TO STRICTLY \"Photo Solutions will continue the process of pointing stability Atalay, \"there is no doubt in him. Solution process never about security , about the developments in the law so informality is not a process that prepares the ground. Can use this as an excuse. You have to look at it together . You know the freedom security balance. These two do not go balanced then the problems begin . These developments in the solution process a bit harsh . 6 to 7 October event was their impact, the biggest blow HDPE seven . They are trying to compensate for his loss. Yesterday calls were evaluated as a slightly earlier remedial strategies . Chairman and a shattering blow for democracy HDPE look. Violence calls , never in the shade protection from those who want to not take part in politics in Turkey. They were damaged in this sense. Usually tell our friends in the region where demand is now more into people's settlement process. The people , the more the support of the nation and of the support they have received from their former supporters from both parties . Peaceful settlement process of the people in the region , the economic environment they live in a safe environment and they want to continue it. Whoever starts to bring about negative impact of the settlement process if they do wrong largest live . Solution process with this kind of rhetoric , not something with fluctuations walks . We have our state as a sincere effort. All institutions in collaboration \"gave expression to the place .

Atalay'from 6 to 7 October Events Disclosure" comments for.


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