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  • 18 Eylül 2014, Perşembe 14:03

Ata:\"September 19 Happy Veterans Day \"

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Gaziantep Governor Erdal Ata , September'19 Veterans Day'was released due to the congratulatory message .

Gaziantep news: Gaziantep Governor Erdal Ata , September'19 Veterans Day'was released due to the congratulatory message .
each year across the country enthusiastically celebrated'19 September Veterans Day'hence the post that issued the Governor Erdal Ata , stated the following message has included:
\"the world's most strategic point in Anatolia, at present the world's envy , followed by the great and powerful a government established the Supreme Turkish nation in the history of freedom and independence in pursuit of the necessary gladly sacrifice their lives , which can as a nation friendly to the trust, the enemies are awesome , the unshakable will and high character always appreciated is known .
Today, free and independent life we lead Anatolian lands , skies in our proudly waving Moon Star Bayrağımız and every day from strength to strength Republic of Turkey ; laymen gladly willing to die have taken this noble nation every individual's most sacred values.
to us this sacred values ​​entrusting the existence and independence , unity and integrity directed to any kind of attack against a steel will and resisting , young and old , male and female saying martyrdom or veterans pride in being human is our .
founder of our Republic the Great Leader Mustafa Kemal Atatürk and his colleagues began the epic struggle , Republic , proclaiming establishing the saints of our nation , the Great Leader's \"peace at home, peace in the world ! \"talking book , Pursuing the world from anywhere in the oppressed nations the rescue ran , Cyprus and Korea in epic writing has succeeded .
Can the saints known values for the sake of , \"What independence or death! \"he can be a nation of the Turkish nation , world peace and brotherhood to prevail for as yesterday still oppressed nations besides showed that .
Saints nation's sacred values ​​in pursuit of martyrdom and veteran order to increased sons , still hearts of our nation's most beautiful place , taking justifiable pride we have become .
world's most significant spiritual titles, from the beginning Purple Hearts title Gazi our city and our esteemed compatriots for our very exceptional and important place has . Founder of our Republic Ataturk, Turkey Grand National Assembly by our Purple Hearts awarded the title of the day \"Veterans Day \"was declared to be a saint of our nation, this feeling is an expression of .
Their high patriotism and dedication to veterans, we always respect their lives more comfortable to continue to do our best for our state and our nation is a task for . Our state always as then families of martyrs and veterans in addition to our being will continue .
With these thoughts , all our citizens Veterans Day celebrates the martyrs , who died veterans of our mercy and gratefully commemorates all veterans in our family with health and well-being wishes , respect I would like to . \"

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