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  • 10 Kasım 2014, Pazartesi 12:24

Atatürk Commemoration Program

Atatürk Commemoration Program
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Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu, \"then no power will be higher than the national sovereignty and sovereignty .

Ankara news: The final decision will be shaped by the nation's only choice . This principle is crowned with our people directly choose the President in 2014. Hereinafter thick history of each critical stage and in the future is bound faithfully to this principle while walking , \"he said .
Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu, Gazi Mustafa Kemal Atatürk's eternity being referred to the 76 anniversary of Atatürk Culture, Language and History Institute by ATO Congresium'in his speech at the ceremony also held , \"left their mark in history , there are obvious features that separates leaders from other leaders. They are confident they have for themselves at the beginning of this leader . Leaving their mark on history in the most difficult circumstances leaders, as soon as everyone falls into despair , no longer everyone's dream of a new beginning as soon as we reached the end of that . Gazi Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, the most obvious characteristic is self-confidence. Istanbul invasion fleet at the front of the iron they'will go as they come'and has also been occupied navies are gone as they come . The second qualification is confidence in the nation next to their self-esteem . They want to move in date is trust of the people and the nation they want to make their subject. Stated that the he himself was actually just place the pen in the next century, not national sovereignty of those days ;'Independence and the nation will save the nation's determination and commitment'. A leader behind this expression has a sense of confidence in their own nation. Another important characteristic of these leaders , the third important characteristic are reading right the course of history , \"he said .
First World War, explaining that as the realization of the start of the centennial Davutoglu, \"was the battle that ended the classical imperial order . Eurasian empires emerged in the middle of the main continent and the birthplace of classical states withdrew from the scene . Germany, Austria-Hungary Empire, the Russian Empire, and finally left us a country of saints State-i Osmani Ali . 7 have dominated climate , a state of very deep-rooted tradition of the State withdrew the product from the date of Osmaniye scene Alia had actually re-reading historical necessity. She is a rising power in the period of the First World War, the colonial empires were the winners , such as the British and French empires. Large areas of the state , was being considered as rising powers with colonial buildings. That is the reason why I had the conviction that colonial structures will arise and spread in many countries , but saw the future Gazi Mustafa Kemal and demanded an end to thinking about the future independence of the colonial empire. No way did not consent to the mandate , \"he said .
\"Carries in his mind one of the four characteristics , imagine that , facing the future with vision that tries to preach to the people is the ability to contact between historical reality , \"said Obama,\"you can develop a very beautiful visions. Associated with historical reality and he does life basically if these visions or read a historical reality is very good but if there is a vision to build a new world in your mind that historical reality, prisoners of history for you , making prisoners and object. In fact, today there are many discussions on the basis of this distinction . Visionary leaders they walk towards the vision of reality. Amounts in reality to forget , but the vision of the mind. At that time, Gazi Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, the way to Samsun and a new country , while moving in the minds of a new state of the republican ideal of which his contemporaries and they have proposed many intellectuals American buffalo who thinks very well read historical reality knows very well . They apparently also a realist , so let's settle for a temporary period buffalo had intellectuals. And similarly the same today as it was in reality we are imagining what this country by making prisoners . Gazi Mustafa Kemal Atatürk saw reality , but knew that, which emerge as a leading nation in history has never been in front of an object , always active , pioneering, has always been subject. For his dismissal could not be satisfied , let's face it , if reality could not say what it says.'Complete independence, complete independence , \"he said , and hit the road. Here are all these approaches in the mind of the Republic of Turkey , political and military structure , which he formed an army which will guarantee politics. Not only for the leader of their nation's history have left a mark on the fifth characteristic , they exhibit an attitude will also be a source of inspiration for other nations and must be supported by other nations. In fact, when he collected the national will to prevail Parliament desperate move to full independence era and just discouraged people did not rise up in Anatolia , Anatolia all oppressed nations have poured their resources with them. From India , North Africa , Central Asia , after the fall of the Ottoman state they see as promising end from the Caucasus to avoid it lost hope, all the oppressed nations call for Islam , oppressed nations under colonial acted . Walking towards Izmir from opium independence armies just burn the torch of independence fever in Anatolia , oppressed by colonialism in the heart of the nation , they gave a liberty torch against imperialism, \"he said .
Prime Minister Davutoglu, \"Independence struggle a whole new fighting for independence he is an example to the nation , inspired . New in Turkey Gazi Mustafa Kemal Atatürk's mind , it is possible to fit the ideal of the Republic of Turkey to a new hair . First I need to know is that the Republic of Turkey emerged in cyclical conditions and only appeals to a certain juncture, it is not a state that its result . Each of our organization , if you get taken root in our institution, which is illustrated by a legitimacy goes back centuries and is the basis of legitimacy of the state's main backbone. Armed to the history of our forces , the history of our judiciary , if you receive our which state institution receives its legitimacy taken from the depths of history carries such future the legitimacy Then we then deep-rooted historical tradition for the Republic of Turkey the while building a new Turkey Mustafa Kemal Ataturk's stand out as three There are also benefits to pay attention to our principles. The first of the principle of national sovereignty , national sovereignty , the'sovereignty unconditionally belongs to the nation'principle . This is actually a result of an explicit policy set forth in the sight of yet no clear signs that there would be a correct reading of history and the history of the universe in that nation will rely on the regime . That principle foundations of the republic for a clear definition of the way for as demonstrated by the opening of Parliament was formed first to the Assembly in Ankara and the First Council composition in full in the nation to reflect the national sovereignty is woven in nature , representing every sector , it is a conscious choice . No sector of society and homeland , the region can not be excluded at this Assembly is not shifted. He Assembly , the Assembly proclaimed a holy day in Ankara at the same time he undertook the representation of the national will and paved the way to salvation. Here we take the basic principles , the basic principles will receive a new Turkey today , but then once we cry out from the blessed land of more than one Assembly gathered in Ankara , after telling them that it will not be any power over national sovereignty and sovereignty . The final decision will be shaped by the nation's only choice . This is why , as mentioned earlier, especially with our people directly choose the President in 2014 was crowned this principle. Hereinafter also adhered faithfully to every critical stage of history and the future is walking towards these principles. The second important characteristic reveals new Turkey , Turkey's new economic power is that it has a sense of economic independence standing on their feet . Indeed, Gazi Mustafa Kemal was given a new government with the sign of a stronger economy, but could be better protects the dignity of the Republic declared by collecting the Izmir Economy Congress . We walked to our republic centenary of the world's 10 largest economic power between putting forth a vision of entering can find it realistic . That one can find early , such as finding someone exactly realistic way of salvation to the Gazi Mustafa Kemal , but we will continue to walk this path with determination . The third basic principle reach the level of contemporary civilization . This also is the following ; contemporary is to have a dignified place that is right on the international community to achieve the level of civilization and thus the Republic of Turkey in that period as an independent state in a short time , in those years has demonstrated the power to fortify the very difficult international reputation , \"he said . Photo Davutoglu continued his speech:Photo \"Now our goal of Turkey and the Republic of Turkey representation anywhere in the world , the world that can bring solutions to every issue , increasing the effectiveness in the environment and adjacent basins , but to become a country respectfully referred to in the global arena . It seems also very nice markings. 1 will take the presidency of the G-20 Summit in December . Will do the meetings of the least developed countries in the same year in Turkey. In a sense, merge the victims of the world's richest , also showed the power of Turkey and we finally made it to gather a ground which will take place the first time in history also hosted the 2016 World Humanitarian Summit. In our environment the way to the centenary of the Republic may be a circle of fire . The world may have entered the economic crisis, many may place might make images containing pessimistic , but all by building a democratic Republic in the circle of fire , national sovereignty, judges make Turkey which , all in the circle of fire , with the economy in crisis have grown as a 4-fold Turkey, during the global crisis, the party not affected by this crisis , Turkey's future is bright as a country that can see beyond the crisis . Here once again pays homage to Mustafa Kemal and his comrades in arms of mercy , I mean their left to the State of the Republic of Turkey, we affirm our commitment to a bright future execution. \"

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