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  • 10 Kasım 2014, Pazartesi 11:57

Atatürk Commemoration to honor Manisa

Atatürk Commemoration to honor Manisa
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CHP Manisa deputy Özgür Özel Soma's Yire quiet of the neighborhood in order to protest the cutting of thick cut 6 thousand olive trees Manisa Governor November 10, attended the ceremony after the wreath laying Erdogan Bektas .

Manisa news: Photo Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, the founder of the Republic , 76 of eternity being referred to was commemorated with a ceremony held in front of the National Independence Monument in Republic Square on the anniversary of Manisa . The ceremony Manisa Governor Erdogan Bektas , Manisa Garrison Commander Brigadier General Yavuz Ekrem Arslan , Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Secretary General Halil Memiş , the AK Party Manisa deputy Muzaffer Citizen, deputy governors, the central district governors, mayors, apartment managers, military brass , the NGO representatives, political party representatives students and was attended by many citizens. the ceremony began with the presentation of a wreath at the Republic Square Photo . Manisa Governor Erdogan Bektas after the wreath ceremony area has to offer CHP Manisa deputy Özgür Özel also attended. Upon a siren followed by two minutes silence in the presence of the square wreath presentation ceremony ended with the National Anthem read . Sirens were accompanied by two minutes of silence on the street and Manisa in the streets in the accompaniment. Photo Manisa Governor Erdogan Bektas entering the parade ground after the wreath presentation CHP Manisa deputy Özgür Özel this behavior Soma's murdered in Yire by Neighborhood 6 thousand olive trees do for you he said. Private indicating whether the case of a situation such as participate in a Photo ceremony, \"for only one thing, the unthinkable we attend our November 10 ceremony , but the governor office number was disrupted heavily in this process. we attended the ceremony after putting Mr. valine wreath. this missing from public office made ​​by the Yırca task of getting to the light , we have participated in field after presenting the number of governors wreath due to defects up to the neglect and caste . Through our work , flowers aside to be submitted to Ataturk , without respect to green, no respect for nature 6 thousand one tree and slaughtered in front of someone who has come to shift the pavilion for're offering one flower from a tree contrived here. Atatürk's governor manages state as demanded by Ataturk . Ataturk's legacy given to him from a public administration to shift the pavilion's husband states of consciousness for one tree. 6 thousand trees being cut'across the energy demand of 3-5 trees'flowers Ataturk said while thinking of a need . It would be unthinkable for us to protest the ceremony after presenting a wreath at the governor's number so that we participated in the ceremony. Standing is not an attitude. Our relationship in the relationship between the state administration and lawmakers time but not able to continue the warm dialogue between us . 6 thousand tree , the villagers split his forehead , 83-year-old aunt also probably remain silent in the face of the engaging reverse clamp governor Republican People's Party would have a word to say , \"he said .

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