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  • 27 Kasım 2013, Çarşamba 14:08

Ataturk Dam, Waste Water to Flow

Ataturk Dam, Waste Water to Flow
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One of the largest buildings in the history of the Republic, the Atatürk Dam, with the foundation laid waste water treatment plants to residual contamination.

Adıyaman news: History of the Republic's largest structure, one of the Ataturk Dam, the foundation laid waste water treatment plants with a longer stay clean.
European Union, Environment and Urban Development with the Ministry of Adiyaman Municipality conducted jointly by Adiyaman Waste Water Treatment Plant and Waste Water Collector Pipeline laid the foundation of the project. The cost of the project is 18 million 536 thousand Euros foundation was laid in the outskirts of the Ataturk Dam Style. Adiyaman's waste water which flows the Atatürk Dam reservoir, the project's life with the passing gonna mess.
Silence and the National Anthem after reading Adıyaman folk dance group folklore show offered.
The opening ceremony speech, Mayor of Adiyaman Najib Büyükaslan history of the republic's eye and greatest facilities, the Atatürk Dam Adiyaman wastewater due to the polluted said.
President Büyükaslan,"in 2004 selected when treatment plant was not there. Municipality and the environment in terms of Turkey's most important problem treatment plant was. them since this facility do gayretindeyiz. wastewater treatment plant is made primarily Ataturk Dam a major environmental disaster freed from the will. Hopefully treatment facility by making these regions the promenade area, with water sports of the area by re-find worth. Waste waters referred to enrich pipe length of 30 kilometers is . 240 parcels and from the land, which will be around 600 with the property owner individually spoken and migration operations have completed. them is difficult. Property owners express my gratitude. these projects the EU contribution is 15 million 750 thousand 400 euros. Environment and the Ministry of Urbanism contribution of 1 million 760 thousand Euros. Municipality of 1 million 110 thousand Euros. these gigantic our plant cost 18 million 536 thousand Euros. 6 June 2015 on will be completed,"he said.
Environment and Urban Planning Minister Councellor Raif orphans, the country's EU harmonization In the process of the surrounding area with its obligations timely completion, which will contribute Adiyaman Waste Water Treatment Plant and Wastewater Collectors Line's best wishes found.
project providing information on orphans,"In this project, the Ataturk Dam reach our pollution will be reduced and Adiyaman to future generations cleaner and more livable environment will leave.
treatment plant, 26 kilometers collector line and a siphon will be constructed. treatment plant with a daily capacity of 33 thousand cubic meters, activated sludge method treatment will be made.
Adiyaman Wastewater Treatment Facility years 173 thousand cubic meters of sludge will be produced. Sludge forest areas and agricultural use is envisaged. Facility waste fermentation occurs as a result of gas per year from 2.7 million kW of electricity will be produced and this facility needs electricity, 96 percent will meet,"he said.
Europe Committee Regional and Urban Policy Directorate General of IPA Chairman of the Department ARGYRIOS Pisiotis in his speech the importance of environment, pointing to the"life and health to be the basis and at the same time agriculture, manufacturing and energy production contribute to the development of the water due to the most important resource is one of the. water sustainably managing poverty in removing vital importance has. Water also regional relations, peace and security in the region is important,"he said.
Governor Mahmoud Demirtas, the foundation laid by the facility and Adiyaman both very important for Turkey, stressing that"our world quickly becomes dirty, it When environmental issues in line stage has come. Environment under threat remains today in the world of water supply and waste water into the environment without damaging the disposal is very important to occupy. Basically you take our property Adiyaman is vital. these plants in Adiyaman waste water purification after the Ataturk Dam to will be discharged. because the project wastewater treatment plant will be established and the Atatürk Dam lake pollution will be prevented. Adiyaman this resort environment through pollution struggling with one of the cities will be. nature, and protect the environment for future generations live in a way to leave, all of us should be the task. because the future and the environment is all of us,"he said.
After the speeches, accompanied by confetti was the first button is pressed. The groundbreaking ceremony, Governor Mahmoud Demirtas, Mayor of Adiyaman Najib Büyükaslan, Environment and Urban Planning Minister Chief Advisor Raif orphans, the European Commission Regional and Urban Policy Directorate General of IPA Chairman of the Department ARGYRIOS Pisiotis, AK Party Chairman Halil Ibrahim Firat, CHP IR s President Bilal Dogan, representatives of public institutions and organizations, political party representatives, community leaders and citizens attended.

Ataturk Dam, Waste Water to Flow" comments for.


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