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  • 12 Kasım 2014, Çarşamba 11:45

Atsou Training Begins

Atsou Training Begins
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Aksaray Chamber of Commerce and Industry ( ACCI ) by the first of the Corporate Climate Education \"Techniques to Increase Profits and financier of \"Education for Non-Finance began .

Aksaray news: Photo ACCI ACCI service training to members and citizens held in the building attended. Profit Enhancement Techniques and financier is not for financial education in the member to call the ACCI President Koçaş , \"All companies are established in order to profit. The sine qua non of a boss to Snow, is a manager's most important powers. Life always want to profit the start of the first objectives of employees and entrepreneurs in their business life you We know . Experience shows there are ways to improve many snow-formed . We have to you by the experts on education and the field that is established , we will try to transfer them . I believe that the training will eventually see the vision when they begin to practice what they learned in training our companies more easily and clearly . it is not easy to obtain profit . Especially wife it is not easy to increase . There is a saying he believed the Americans'wife , are the only place in the dictionary that comes before having to deal with . \"Accordingly, your work in order to make a profit , you need to deal with. But how? where to starting ? with whom ? by what works ? paying attention to what? \"Profit Improvement Methods to increase the profitability of your business on a permanent basis methods and these methods describe how to apply , \"he said . Photo edited to members of the training attendance points and citizens addressed the ACCI President Ahmet Koçaş , \"November 13, 2014 Sales we are on Thursday will be held at 17:30 methods of training to all our members and our citizens expect . Business life of every human who want to be entrepreneurs , held in mind the issues they may face at any moment I wish to miss the Corporate Climate Education Program , \"he said .

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