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  • 13 Kasım 2014, Perşembe 13:08

Attack , Treatment Facility Found In Review

Attack , Treatment Facility Found In Review
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Samsat'ta district of Adiyaman Governor Kursad Attack , Samsat'ta engaging in examination of municipal water treatment plants , received information from the authorities.

Adıyaman news:
Samsat'ta Mayor Joseph along the Euphrates visiting Samsat'ta drinking water treatment plants Governor attack took facility responsible Chemist Haji information from spoiled .
Atatürk Dam water late in the stages from chlorination, settling and describing the given district chemist pilgrims spoiled, Public Health report stated that in Adiyaman the cleanest water Samsat'ta water according to .
Samsat'ta district stating that previously used the water taken without purification from the dam Samsat'ta Mayor Joseph the Euphrates as related to the construction of the Governor attack treatment plant information was given .
President Euphrates , \"The health of the district population was our first priority. we have initiated studies to deliver clean water to our soon Task citizens. Provinces were able to give our people clean water, taking support from the Bank. we are pleased and hearts for that comfortable. our people meet basic needs we will spare no sacrifice , \"he said .
Samsat'ta Governor Kursad attack , the plant much like stating thanked the contributors. Governor Attack , \"Water is the sine qua non of human life. I see it as a basic human right of life to give clean water to citizens . Provincial Public Health shows that the water of our Adiyaman the cleanest we examine the report of the Director. Buddha are happy we are . Of water to the name of our municipality , we investigated the treatment plant and we watched gladly work . I thank everyone said to all , \"he said .

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