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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 13 Kasım 2014, Perşembe 10:59

Attending the course Quran Deaf Women Gift Scarves

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Participating in the Holy Koran courses deaf women Dursun scarf was a gift from Yozgat, Ankara businessman .

Ankara news:
Sign Language Interpreters Association and the Middle East Deaf Sports Club Educational Association of the Cankaya Mufti's collaboration with Ankara on deaf participating in the Koran Quran courses organized for women women Ankara businessman Dursun came the surprise scarf gift from Yozgat . Freedom Equity Association President Gamal , who said he attracted wide attention of the written and visual media reports about the course of philanthropic businessmen . Equity , working with perseverance is a great source of morale for themselves from surprise gift for deaf women said about learning the Koran , the businessman and the activities and thanked those who expose themselves alone. Equity , said:
\"learn religious knowledge of the deaf in Ankara can and Quran Quran reading continues successful course we organize in order to learn . Our 65 hearing-impaired girl was under the supervision of our precious course instructors both the acquiring religious knowledge Setup'they learn the Quran . \"scarf sent by
businessman, philanthropist , 65 deaf women who participated in the course were distributed by the Freedom Association President Gamal equity .

Attending the course Quran Deaf Women Gift Scarves" comments for.


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