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  • 18 Ocak 2014, Cumartesi 01:09

Attention Artists Art lovers Hospitality Exhibition Continues

Attention Artists Art lovers Hospitality Exhibition Continues
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Artists in the Age of Asli Ozen, Sanko out a personal painting exhibition at the Art Gallery of art has attracted great interest.

Gaziantep news:  Artists in the Age of Asli Ozen, Sanko out a personal painting exhibition at the Art Gallery of art has attracted great interest.
As artistic elements depicting the themes of the Black Sea, where 15 of the 44 works exhibition open the happiness of living painter Ozen exhibition, visitors to host continues.
since childhood picture great interest stating Asli Age Özen, artistic work yaşanmışlık traces carry emphasized that,"No fully dreams, but live favorites, from my childhood has shades of . Within education, art style, too. Continuous myself ripen'm trying to. doing what I share with you the great pleasure of words,"I gave the place.
Works and doing social content figurative subjects venue figures by linking tried explaining Ozen, local tissue, the keşan and peşta up ' universal concern within the 'artistic items using the expression, he said.
art and artists is always in support of Sanko family wishes to thank the Ozen, Gaziantep people exhibit their so intense was grateful for, he said.
Painter Ozen, Sanko Sanko Park Mall is located in the 3rd floor of an exhibition at the Art Gallery, until January 24 between the hours of 10:00 to 22:00 every day can be visited.
Era Artists Özen Aslı , was born in Trabzon in 1956. Samsun Institute of Education, Department of Painting artist who graduated, license Eskişehir Anadolu University has been completed.
Still Gaziantep Private Sanko Schools art teacher at the artist, but also Sanko Art Gallery Selection Committee Member and küratörlüğünü in the running.
Sanko Holding under the sponsorship of Gaziantep, 1 held and 2 International Artists Meeting coordinator artists, national and international seven workshops, an arts festival and many art fairs attended.
Domestic and foreign museums and private collections photos The artist, 15 solo exhibitions, over 100 mixed has exhibited.
Artist, Black Sea Association of Plastic Arts and the United Painters and Sculptors Association is a member.
in Gaziantep in 2004 for art lovers offered the use and exhibition open domestic and from abroad, the acclaimed Sanko Art Gallery, the city of culture and arts events significant gains provided.
Established since, including two times international artists to meet, Salvador Dali and Joan Miro exhibition, including 172 exhibition home that Sanko Art Gallery, which moved three years ago has given a different meaning in Sanko Park Shopping Mall.

Attention Artists Art lovers Hospitality Exhibition Continues" comments for.


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