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  • 12 Ekim 2013, Cumartesi 09:13

Attention! Changed the privacy settings on Facebook

Attention! Changed the privacy settings on Facebook
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Facebook users, confused, no longer able to hide your Facebook profile

Sticky Thread

Facebook privacy settings"in the search results görüntülenememe searched for by name"feature announced is completely removed. With this change can no longer conceal themselves in the search results will be Facebook , in other words, on Facebook everyone is now displayed in ferreting out the names.

"Who is using the name you can view local tunnel?"option removes the last year, Facebook privacy settings, Facebook is now the name of this feature the user to a limited number of uses aranamama are exempt from the privilege. With this change not stand a chance as anyone get out of Facebook search results.

In addition, the removal of the option of privacy social networking lookup (Graph Search) blocked People can see the user's page in the search results. However, this enter your shares into the page, does not mean you can look to your photos and personal information. with your name in the search results you block people who you share publicly only be able to see your content.

"not usable"

Facebook, the social networking feature of this privacy much more convenient not removed after the latest updates , he says. Facebook privacy setting for this feature is limited to this privacy setting for when the social network was developed and said that this setting does not apply after the latest updates aratılıp name can not be found together with friends lists, or even a common name tagged pictures clicked again emphasizes that your profile can be reached.

Facebook shares you want to show the individual by others, open to everyone, friends, simply by selecting one of the options I can set or special repeats. If you are a user who is bothering you it is the best way to prevent it is expressed. However, these users open accounts with fake names, no possibility not to bother you again. Facebook says that there is a handy feature that removes all Facebook members in the search results to be displayed and removed the fact that it does not offer alternatives instead of g Latency setting will cause controversy looks like.

Attention! Changed the privacy settings on Facebook" comments for.


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