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  • 29 Ağustos 2014, Cuma 12:04

Attention deficit Ice Cream Sold

Attention deficit Ice Cream Sold
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Cukurova University (CU ) Vice-Chancellor and Professor at the Faculty of Food Engineering

Adana news: Cukurova University (CU ) Vice-Chancellor and Professor at the Faculty of Food Engineering Dr. Hasan Fenercioğl the ice cream sold in the open because it is unhealthy to be consumed , he said. Professor
Dr. Hasan Fenercioğl composition, in terms of the ice cream is a dairy product and said, \"Ice cream in the production of milk , sugar, cream, thickening agent as sahlep or sahlep substitutes with the taste, color and aroma substances that are used. Diversification purposes in crushed form a variety of fruits , nuts, nuts such as almonds and oil seeds are also used . Each food products such as ice cream in quality and safety, the most important elements , used milk and other ingredients that clean and healthy is . them especially milk heated-pasteurized that is a prerequisite , \"he said . < br/>
\" should caution against food poisoning \"
ice cream production and proper hygiene is important and that there may be food poisoning Failure to follow these rules states Prof. Dr. Fenercioğl , ice cream as additives in the production environment also stressed that it is important . Professor Dr. Fenercioğl , \"the microbiological point of view objectionable cases of ice cream consumed emerge after that late would be , and that along with food poisoning can bring ,\"he said .
This ice cream in the purchase package integrity intact and ice cream expiry date is not passed that control important pointed out that Dr. Hasan Fenercioğl , as well as ice cream and other frozen products shopping cart or basket latest issue them and dissolution being allowed into the home, transported , consumed immediately mAyAcAklArsA , freezer storage required pointed out .
Bakeries , cafes and ice cream parlors in places like the air in contact with unpacked and drawbacks to the consumption of ice cream , which may be referred to Professor Dr. Fenercioğl , \"especially sales environment surrounding the formation of dust-earth and other materials to ice cream that can be transmitted there is an ice cream makes the sale of one's gloves and mouth-nose mask to use ; seller at the same time taking money-outstanding in his hand freezing to contact the seller's sneezing-cough cases due to freeze microorganisms gets to be , but more importantly, cone or in the container of ice cream to eat some time during the hand while keeping the environment contaminating elements (dust-earth) contaminated with the deficit sold ice cream to human health damage , \"he said .

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