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  • 03 Eylül 2014, Çarşamba 11:27

Attention in School Uniforms Carcinogenic Substances

Attention in School Uniforms Carcinogenic Substances
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Experts will select the ballot of parents of school uniforms warned fabric choice .

Kütahya news: Experts will select the ballot of parents of school uniforms warned fabric choice .
students by the Ministry of Education in the implementation of the relevant legislation in costume and clothing in schools to ensure the unity and solidarity of the circular issued after the parents will choose clothes . Experts warned that the choice of fabrics , especially clothes .
On September 8 pre-school and 1st grade students will begin school this weekend because I will be going shopping for parents . Busy shopping period before the experts, children school clothes purchases in the carcinogen against the need to be careful , pointing out that parents in selecting the outfit warns.
Education-training period to School Clothes for parents seeking fabric selection warns experts clothes to human health in terms of draws attention to the importance . Turkey, every year 17 million students head back to class before you are going shopping for school clothes . School clothes should be careful in purchasing experts who said that , some textile products sold in the domestic market which is used in the manufacture of dyes and chemicals affect the health of their children , he says. Some fabrics used carcinogenic azo dyes , allergic fabric dyes and finishing of the fabric during curing or heavy metals can be used . Shirts and T-shirts, sweats through the human body goes into the dye , human DNA by acting on the cancer triggers .
\" WOOL AND COTTON WEIGHTED DRESS should be preferred \"
Schools producing clothing Textile Company Manager Cemal Bulut, who sweat for the protection of children from diseases mainly wool and cotton clothes should be preferred , he says. Polyester , nylon, acrylic , such as yarns woven fabrics , sweat, good traction because influenza prepare the ground for stating that Cloud clothes in the selection of students , sweat they sweat, which may draw on the fabric produced from the ones should be preferred that the recording.
School uniform only color separations determined by whether you want to fabric qualifications taken into consideration would be useful to specifying the Cemal Bulut said:\"Inspired school clothes brand in a student health serious about the work we do. launched in 2010 our differences with the project from our customers full marks have received . products in our distinctive colors , patterns and fabrics we use . Stylist drawn by producing a special outfit to school with different models to each school offer a privileged view . \"

Attention in School Uniforms Carcinogenic Substances" comments for.


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