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  • 01 Kasım 2014, Cumartesi 13:16

Attention Mers 7 Days Stops Signs

Attention Mers 7 Days Stops Signs
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Eskişehir Acibadem Hospital Infectious Disease Specialist Dr.

Eskişehir news: Osman Turgut Ertem, MERS COVER noted that the symptoms of the virus in about 7-14 days .
Dr. Ertem , symptoms of high fever, chills , shortness of breath , he said , especially respiratory tract infection symptoms. Dr. Osman Turgut Ertem, these symptoms of infectious diseases without delay of patients expert told physicians or Pulmonologist to need başvurmalı . Photo FIRST SERIOUS INCIDENT IN 2002 The first serious and alarming cases relating to Photo Coronaviruses in 2002, SARS in the Far East, Asia seen as indicating that Dr. Ertem, \"SARS , respiratory failure and a disease with a high fatality rate , and in 2003 was ended with a total of 8 thousand 96 cases and 774 deaths in July. About 10 years from SARS after this time in the Arabian Peninsula again with coronavirus infection with high lethality MERS COVER cases began to be encountered . the first cases were detected in Jordan in April 2012. bats and camels is unknown, although the virus source exactly are accused in this regard , \"he said .
PROTECTED tO WHAT sHOULD BE DONE ? , describing the measures to be taken for protection Photo Dr. Ertem said:Photo \"to travel to Arabia citizens of Saudi continuously in order to Hajj and Umrah in , and Saudi Arabia because of occurrence of this disease MERS COVER infections are also a serious threat to our country. The disease from person to person can be transmitted . after about 7-14 days, a quiet period, high fever, chills , shortness of breath especially watched with respiratory infection symptoms. infectious Diseases immediately in patients with these symptoms Specialist or chest diseases should apply to expert . no vaccine yet for the prevention of disease could be produced. when I get to visit the place where the prevalence of the disease to prevent the disease attention to personal hygiene , washing the hands frequently soap, camel milk is drunk, not , not to be contacted by camels and avoidance of persons with disease symptoms is proposed. in our country, only followed in Hatay and the sample sent in one case, the MERS COVER infection were observed and the patient lost his life. \"

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