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  • 13 Ekim 2013, Pazar 12:24

Attention! Risk of viruses on Facebook

Attention! Risk of viruses on Facebook
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Facebook profile seized the virus is going to have all the information to reach your account. Way to get rid of this virus report

out of social media giant Facebook is threatening the safety of users of a virus began to spread in recent days. Facebook profile link to information seized all the virus at some stage next to the account you are totally going to have willingly your password.

"Men's room If women"need to form groups of friends profile pages to spread by copying itself application , aims to draw the attention of users. The users who want to get rid of the malware you need to follow these steps Sticky Thread:

Facebook by clicking on a shortcut ol'uyarısı carefully observe verilen'Lütfen should be taken and the unknown, has been known to change a few letters of a website and application installation sites continue to happen edilmemeli.Tıklanması halinde'Bu you?'' Validation gerekiyor'gibi Facebook password screens certainly should not.

Facebook password given application is installed, it is connected to both Facebook password, email password, changing the applications section of the application must be deleted. Mailde need to activate Facebook account getirilmeli.Aynı phone verification information about the author of a number of problems that they came to him Buğra Ayan, the logic of this kind of work is a common viruses, it screens out fake Facebook password to the person, or if it fails to decrypt installing a fake video players intended to control the web browser, he said. Ayan, the practical measures to be taken by Facebook warning screen when the phone is active and verification, especially the end. Htm. Html extensions, such as ending the short-cuts should not be allowed, he added.


Attention! Risk of viruses on Facebook" comments for.


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