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  • 01 Eylül 2014, Pazartesi 11:08

Attention sore throat in the summer months

Attention sore throat in the summer months
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Of recurrent tonsil infections, heart, joints and kidneys could create problems were reported .

Antalya news: Of recurrent tonsil infections, heart, joints and kidneys could create problems were reported . Tonsil swelling , the body's defense system , which is part tonsils that occur in inflammation caused by a disease, pointed out that the experts , more in the winter months has been considered the tonsils swell , cold drinks and incorrect use of air conditioning in summer due to the frequent occurrence underscores are .
at the bottom of the mouth of the tonsils on each side of the throat is immune tissues , the tonsils to fight infections in the body play a role in the formation of substances called antibodies reminiscent of Op. Dr. Hasan Karatas , \"Microbes and bacteria Faced with tonsils, inflammation , and size grow. Tonsils swollen so-called status , sore throat , fever , difficulty swallowing , fatigue, bad breath , neck glands, complaints such as swelling causes ,\"he said .

tonsils FREQUENTLY inflated taken if necessary?
frequently recurrent tonsil infections of the heart , joints and kidney problems may also form striking Karatas, in such cases the tonsils operation can be implemented , especially in pediatric patients often tonsil problems adenoid problems with that , and operations necessary usually two taken together should underline that was .
tonsils at what age should you pick?
tonsils is necessary in cases where all ages can be taken said Op.Dr. Karatas, \"But nights sleep apnea episodes ( apnea ) or , tonsil operation for 2.5 years after the to be expected. Adenoid operations if smaller in old age can be applied safely .
Blood diseases, acute inflammation , cleft palate, aspirin and heparin such as those using medications that increase bleeding , uncontrolled heart disease and diabetes which can be risky in terms of the operation . for this reason, people must share all his discomfort with the doctor , \"he said .

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