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  • 04 Ocak 2014, Cumartesi 12:33

Attention to Asthma in Children

Attention to Asthma in Children
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Elazig Medical Park Hospital Child Health and Disease Specialist Dr..

Elazığ news: Elazig Medical Park Hospital Child Health and Disease Specialist Dr.. Melih Yaman, gave information about the disease of asthma in children.
of asthma, manifested by narrowing of the airways and is a disease that comes in episodes that Dr.. Yaman, patients feel good about themselves between attacks, he said. Dr.. Yaman,"the airways in asthma in the non-microbial inflammation are. These damaged by the airways extreme sensitivity improvements as a result of frequent coughing, wheezing, shortness of breath complaints resulted in the emergence of the condition of asthma or allergic bronchitis or spastic bronchitis is called. Asthma single known cause, although not , child's medical condition affecting more than one may be involved. These factors include genetic predisposition, male gender, race, atopy, nutrition and the environment, cigarette smoke, air pollution can be considered. childhood asthma by 90 per cent of allergic origin. domestic allergen substances in the bronchi caused precision, cold air, exercise, respiratory tract infections, chemical odors, air pollution and cigarette smoke stimuli, such as by contact with the symptoms of asthma occurrence causes. Besides allergic become agents of a sudden excessive exposure coughing, wheezing, shortness of breath can lead to . allergens in our environment commonly found, are usually harmless and impress everyone, but in susceptible people may cause problems agents. Persons should know them and be protected. child's asthma if you're not alone! children in Turkey, regional differences, although the incidence of asthma percent of 8-20 is between"said.

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